Battelle, BattelleCRO, Inc., And Battelle Memorial Institute Form Collaboration To Speed Product Development Cycle

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Battelle, its wholly owned subsidiary BattelleCRO, and Accium BioSciences, Inc., which operates the first fully commercial and independent Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) analytical facility in the U.S., today announced the formation of a collaboration to support and service pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients.

This agreement combines Accium’s expertise in AMS-based study design and in-house bioanalytical services, Battelle’s preclinical and toxicology capabilities, and BattelleCRO’s clinical trial experience to provide clients with comprehensive Phase 0 (microdosing) and low-radiation Phase I clinical services.

“Our collaboration with Accium BioSciences allows us to offer our clients an expanded scope of services including our analytical chemistry, toxicology, and clinical services with the ability to obtain early human bioavailability and pharmacokinetic (PK) data earlier than conventional Phase I studies,” said Battelle’s Mark Gritz, Vice President, Health and Life Sciences Division. “With Accium’s cutting edge technology we can enhance our customers’ ability to rapidly progress their products from discovery to development to commercialization and enable critical go/no-go decisions earlier in drug development.”

“This collaboration provides our pharmaceutical sponsors with a one-stop solution for both the clinical and bioanalytical components of early phase clinical trials,” said Ali Arjomand, President and Chief Operating Officer of Accium BioSciences. “We are excited to expand our product capabilities, with premier companies such as Battelle and BattelleCRO, to address these market needs and to deliver an integrated offering to our clients.”

The high cost and financial risk associated with developing new drugs and biological products highlights the need of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to reduce product development cycle times. The combination of Battelle, BattelleCRO, and Accium BioSciences capabilities provides an opportunity to move products from discovery to clinical studies performed at sub-therapeutic doses to the commercial market more quickly and effectively.

About Battelle

Battelle is a global leader in science and technology. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, it develops and commercializes technology and manages laboratories for customers. Battelle, with the national labs that it manages or co-manages, oversees 20,000 staff members and conducts $3.4 billion in annual research and development. Battelle provides complete safety pharmacology, cardiovascular and respiratory physiology, pulmonary delivery, and other non-clinical safety assessment services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. Battelle also provides analytical chemistry capabilities for pre-clinical and clinical drug development and expertise for analyzing and interpreting PK/TK data for such purposes as chemical safety evaluations, risk assessments, and/or IND applications.

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About BattelleCRO

BattelleCRO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Battelle that supports Phase I-IV clinical development programs for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, nutraceutical, government clients, and bio-defense efforts (including chemical and biomedical countermeasures). As a full service one-stop provider, BattelleCRO supports the client’s overall market strategy from toxicology, through IND submissions, clinical trials, FDA approval, and post- marketing monitoring.

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About Accium, Inc.

Seattle-based Accium BioSciences, is the first company to fully commercialize Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) services in the U.S. with a focus on early drug development. Accium offers a full range of services for preclinical ADME testing, Exploratory IND / microdosing studies and Information-Rich(TM) Phase 1 clinical trials. Combining a state-of-the-art AMS analytical facility with a network of qualified and trusted partners, Accium offers a one-stop solution to enable earlier go / no-go decisions in the drug development process.

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CONTACT: Michael Brooker, +1-614-424-6372, or Mark Berry, Media RelationsManager, of Battelle, +1-614-424-5544; or Peter Powers of BattelleCRO,+1-617-618-5103; or Michael Chansler of Accium, +1-206-281-3915