Women Are Taking Back Control With OvuSense, A Game Changing Combined Sensor And Fertility App

WARWICK, England, July 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Fertility Focus Limited (UK), Fertility Focus Inc. (USA) launch an App form of OvuSense and complete additional funding round.

Rob Milnes, CEO of Fertility Focus said: "In a crowded market for fertility trackers, we set out to make OvuSense completely different - a Class 2 registered medical device backed by an extensive portfolio of patents and clinical trials. Unlike any other product OvuSense provides 24 hours' advance notice of ovulation - with clinically proven 96% correct results, and 99% accurate detection of the exact date of ovulation." *

Clinically proven in over 6,000 cycles, you wear the OvuSense sensor in the vagina overnight to measure your 'core body' temperature. In the morning, the user downloads the data to OvuSense App, which analyses and produces an extremely accurate daily fertility graph. Core body temperature has been proven in clinical trials to be considerably more accurate than monitoring with urine, external temperature and fertility tracker apps, which can produce an incorrect result 1 in every 5 cycles.*

Courtney, OvuSense App Study User: "I have been trying to conceive for 5 years. My doctor said I didn't ovulate for the month of May, but OvuSense said I did. My husband and I had sex around the time OvuSense said - I woke up to a positive pregnancy test!"

Kate Davies, fertility nurse: "The key to OvuSense is that it monitors 'core temperature', providing a direct indication of the Progesterone released during ovulation, but also allowing monitoring of levels in the rest of the cycle. That's helpful for all women, especially the 70% of women trying to conceive for more than 6 months who suffer with ovulatory issues." *

OvuSense iOS App launches July 25th 2016 in in the UK / USA. Android launches, August 2016.

UK start-up eHealth company, Fertility Focus Ltd.

Fertility Focus Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fertility Focus Ltd.


OvuSense is unique:

• Most advanced cycle monitoring system - clinically proven in over 6,000 cycles

• 24 hour notice of ovulation 4 day ovulation window - clinically accurate 96% of the time

• 8 day fertile window

• Regulated medical device - CE mark, FDA 510(k) USA, CMDCAS Canada, TGA Australia

* Clinical information and references: http://www.ovusense.com/uk/clinical-information/

Media: +44(0)1926-4000054 Laura.Underwood@fertility-focus.com

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