Wolters Kluwer provides NASA astronauts in outer space access to UpToDate clinical decision support resource

March 19, 2019 – Wolters Kluwer, Health now equips astronauts at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on board the International Space Station with the most current medical information and access to expert-authored recommendations.

Wolters Kluwer’s UpToDate can be use at the point of care, even with limited internet connectivity through UpToDate MobileComplete™ by downloading content to an iPad.

“For over a quarter-century, UpToDate has served as the world’s most trusted clinical decision support resource. Now, we are proud to be used on the ISS, 250 miles (403 km) above the earth’s surface,” said Denise Basow, CEO of Clinical Effectiveness, Wolters Kluwer, Health. “Wolters Kluwer leverages insights from thousands of world-renowned experts, authors, editors and peer reviewers to help clinicians make the best care decisions wherever they practice — even in space.”

On earth, the offline accessibility of UpToDate MobileComplete is an important clinical asset in rural regions with limited internet connectivity as well as in disaster zones. With hurricane season in full swing, UpToDate MobileComplete can be an invaluable resource when regions temporarily lose power and internet.

More than 36,500 hospitals and institutions worldwide trust UpToDate to improve patient care. It continues to be the only clinical decision support resource associated with shortened patient stays and saving lives.[1] To learn more about this research and more than 80 research studies confirming the widespread usage of UpToDate and its association with improved patient care and hospital performance, click here: https://www.uptodate.com/home/research.

[1] Isaac, T. , Zheng, J. and Jha, A. (2012), Use of UpToDate and outcomes in US hospitals. J. Hosp. Med., 7: 85-90. doi:10.1002/jhm.944

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