What Happens When Men Outnumber Women? University of Turku Study

Published: Aug 25, 2016

In pretty much every society, men have outnumbered women in incarceration rates, war enlistment, and violent crimes. Based on this, one would think that a community with a surplus of males would be riddled with crime, violence, and broken homes. However, as shown in a recent study, the exact opposite is true — having fewer available women may actually push men away from a life of crime, and cause them to value their families more.

Societies where men outnumber women are associated with higher levels of marriage, relationship commitment, and paternal investment. In addition, men in these communities also show a higher preference for sexually committed, long-term relationships with a single partner. On the other hand, in communities with more females, males tend to behave stereotypically and engage in risky sexual behavior and show a preference for short-term relationships.

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