We Burn Fat: UltraShape Ltd. CEO Rodger Stewart on the FDA, an IPO, and Fat

Published: Aug 24, 2007

"When I met Ultrashape it was not love at first sight. I didn't know a lot about medical progress in Israel, and I had no experience of the market, but the basic criterion fitted, and love followed soon after. I've had experience with a number of cultures, especially Italian and Swedish, and when they told me that Israelis are very direct, I liked it. It's the exact opposite of the Italians," says Rodger Stewart, the fairly new CEO at aesthetic medical device company UltraShape Ltd. (since January 2007), surprisingly. Stewart is a former engineer who began working at medical device companies and subsequently found himself drawn into marketing and business development roles. He previously served as president and CEO of COBE Cardiovascular, Inc. which reached almost $200 million sales and was later acquired by Italy's Sorin Group.

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