Vyripharm and WardMM Announce Clinical Trial Partnership for the Integration of Traditional Standard Pharmaceuticals With Medical Botanicals

Vyripharm and WardMM announce clinical trial partnership for the integration of traditional standard pharmaceuticals with medical botanicals and the application of big data in precision medicine


HOUSTON and MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals (VB) announces a collaboration with WardMM, to establish clinical trial partnership/Joint Venture (JV) for the use of medical botanicals in patients. The JV represents a global first in a collaboration to produce comprehensive precision pharmaceutical grade medicine, derived from medical botanicals. The JV is positioned to be first in humans and set standardization for future clinical trial studies with medical cannabis derivatives. The focus of precision medicine will be our platform from agriculture to treatment for safer alternatives and higher efficacy for patients. Vyripharm maintains research partnerships with institutions throughout the Texas Medical Center focused on the integration and effects of medical botanicals with traditional standard of care in treatments for cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, contact sport injuries, pain management and neurological disorders. WardMM maintains relationships with research institutions both in the USA and Australia and licensed medicinal cannabis companies in Australia.

This JV aims to determine the efficacy of medicinal cannabis for use in healthcare. Patient-centered medicine is an approach tailored to each unique individual and condition, utilizing each person's own biological and pathological differences in the absorption and metabolism of medications. This method allows for precise treatment adjustment which results in targeted therapy.

By integrating WardMM's diagnostic and decision support platform, this innovative approach will enable clinical trial analysis that address genetic and epigenetic factors, specific patient history and current clinical indications. As the patient is treated, the efficacy of the medication, during and after treatment, is matched and tracked against baselines. This allows the patient's treatment to be tailored, therefore minimizing potential treatment complications.

The JV is also positioned to provide geographical and product expansion of medical cannabis and other medical botanicals while allowing significant investment to test the efficacy of precision medicine derived from medical cannabinoids to patients.

Dr. Elias Jackson, Vyripharm's Director of Scientific Public Relations, commented, "Patients want accurate therapies that specifically targets their disease with minimal to no side effects. Vyripharm's precision medicine platform coupled with WardMM clinical decision platform, allows us to quickly develop these safe treatments for market. This will accelerate the integration of traditional standard pharmaceuticals with cannabinoid based drugs, foster novel IP expansion and, most importantly, improve patients' quality of life."

VB is a subsidiary of privately held Vyripharm, LLC (Vyripharm) located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Vyripharm holds a botanical testing patent and patent rights to technology platforms currently being studied in conjunction with medical botanicals. WardMM and VB are dedicated to establishing the most powerful medical botanical precision medical platform in the industry.

WardMM Group CEO, Stuart Ward, stated regarding the partnership, "With the use of extensive data, our exciting clinical decision support system and our clinical capability we may be able to reduce the side effects, shape safer medication regimes and provide a better quality of life for patients living with symptoms that can be helped with medical cannabinoids. We believe cannabinoids and the use of new technologies will play a vital future role so that patients can have a better quality of life, and safer treatment alternatives available to them."

WardMM is focusing on clinical decision support for physicians and safer use of medicines. By combining individualized biological results, continuous tracking of medication therapy, understanding therapeutic objectives and applying current technology to health science, the company can provide more precision in addressing and predicting the patient's medical condition on an individual level, both now and into the future. When successful, healthcare providers and patients will be able to identify medications made from specific medicinal cannabis strains that interact best with their individual profiles, resulting in better treatment outcomes.

Vyripharm is a biopharmaceutical firm focused on integrating traditional pharmaceutical with botanicals (medical botanical products) regulatory testing, pharmaceutical drug development, Bioinformatics, Medical Informatics, monitoring technology, development of imaging agents, and drug delivery systems. The aim of Vyripharm is to improve clinical management through diagnosis and treatment with botanicals, synthetic pharmaceuticals, and drug delivery systems. For more information visit www.vyripharmbio.com.

WardMM is a clinical pharmacist group based in Australia, focused on medication decision support to GPs, providing advisory and risk reduction in the use and administration of medication to the aged care industry and advancing research in clinical pharmacy on the safer use of medication. The aim of WardMM is to end medication related harm through innovation and quality of analyses of medication use and its impact on patients.


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