Viva Biotech and BioMap Reached a Strategic Collaboration Agreement, To Jointly Accelerate the Early Drug Discovery through AI Technology

SHANGHAI, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Hosted by BioMap and Adock, the first generation of China Biocomputing Conference was successfully launched in Suzhou. The conference is aiming to unite with biotech and IT industry partners to create a multi-party integrated industrial ecosystem, and realize AI's comprehensive empowerment in the field of biotechnology.

Viva Biotech was invited to attend the conference, and announced a strategic collaboration agreement with BioMap. This collaboration will be based on the AI + biological computing engine from BioMap, with the structure-based drug discovery platform from Viva Biotech, to jointly accelerate the R & D of the novel drugs.

Dr. Delin Ren, President of Viva Biotech, said: "The integration of AI deep learning technology and SBDD technology platform is bound to have a far-reaching impact on drug design and R & D. The strategic collaboration between Viva Biotech and BioMap is the perfect combination of these two technologies. It is expected to shorten the R & D cycle and improve the success rate of novel drug discovery."

Liu Wei, the co-founder and CEO of BioMap, said: "High-quality biological data is the basis of biocomputing platform development. Viva Biotech has the world's leading protein structure analysis technology and capabilities. The collaboration with Viva Biotech will help BioMap to obtain high-quality macromolecular structure data, especially those of new targets, artificially designed antibody molecules, and target-drug complex in a high-throughput manner. Combined with the powerful computing power and algorithm development capabilities of BioMap, the collaboration is expected to accelerate the development of BioMap's AI macromolecular drug platform, which would eventually contribute to new drug development."

AlxplorerBio and EPN, two biotech companies that invested and incubated by Viva BioInnovator, also attended this meeting and signed the collaboration agreement.

About Viva Biotech

Viva Biotech's mission is to become a cradle for innovative biotechnology companies from around the world. We have developed a scalable business model combing the conventional cash-for-service (CFS) model and its unique equity-for-service (EFS) model. Under the CFS model, the Group provides one-stop service for novel drug discovery and production to global pharmaceutical clients. EFS business is dedicated to investing globally in biotech innovation with novel solutions to unmet medical needs across multiple therapeutic areas.

As of December 31, 2020, Viva Biotech had provided drug discovery and production services to 1,252 pharmaceutical clients worldwide, worked on over 1,500 independent drug targets, delivered approximately over 21,000 independent protein structures and incubated/invested 67 biotech companies.

About BioMap

BioMap is China's first biocomputing-driven biotech company, led by Baidu's CEO Robin Li as chairman and Baidu Ventures' former CEO Liu Wei as co-founder and CEO. BioMap was born in an era of explosive growth of biological data. Our mission is to leverage AI and data to radically improve patients' lives. Positioned as a data-driven company, BioMap is accelerating the R&D process of early screening/diagnosis, drug discovery, and other precision medicine products by utilizing high-performance biocomputing and AI capabilities, extracting insights from our unique and extensive library of population and molecular data sets. We focus on building our internal AI engine and data collection capabilities to curate our proprietary insights for difficult diseases.

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