University of Alabama at Birmingham to Enroll Patients in Pilot Study Using Mytrus and Its iPad® Application

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 17, 2012) - Mytrus, an innovative clinical technology and services company for medical and pharmaceutical research, today announced that the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) will use its iPad® application in an upcoming pilot study supported by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. UAB is evaluating how digital tools might simplify enrollment and enhance patient understanding during the informed consent process. Kenneth G. Saag, MD, Msc, professor in the UAB Department of Medicine, will lead the study.

For more specific information on UAB's usage of the Mytrus iPad application, read UAB's article, "UAB studying high tech way to secure informed consent in research trials" by Bob Shepard, published earlier this month.

Using animation and other visual imagery, the Mytrus iPad application is the first in the industry to condense the complex and critical disclosure information required at the start of a clinical trial into an easy-to-understand, digitized format. This new approach not only helps patients better understand the clinical trial process; it helps researchers gain valuable insight into the speed and effectiveness of the informed consent process in multi-center studies.

"The Mytrus application gives study sponsors a window into the informed consent process that they've never had before," said Anthony Costello, CEO of Mytrus. "Like many sponsors we work with, the University of Alabama at Birmingham also recognizes that increasing a patient's understanding and comfort level during consent is the best way to retain highly motivated and protocol compliant patients throughout the study."

About the Mytrus Application
The Mytrus mobile application for tablets facilitates quick patient enrollment and enables patient supplied data to be fed directly into a clinical trial database. It helps researchers streamline the clinical trial data collection process and makes it easy to conduct a clinical trial in sites where affected populations are present -- no matter how remote that location might be. Data entered at the site is quickly synced with the clinical trial database, giving researchers anywhere in the world a better methodology for monitoring potential adverse effects and patient progress.

About Mytrus
Founded in 2009, Mytrus is a San Francisco-based clinical technology and services company built on the idea that modern technologies can enable people to safely participate in clinical trials from the convenience of their own home, thereby improving accessibility, convenience and compliance, as well as cutting costs. Learn more about Mytrus at or find the company on Facebook and Twitter @mytrus.

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