UM School of Medicine Receives Award for Research on Aging and Cognitive Function

June 24, 2021 13:33 UTC

Research includes Multiethnic Populations

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation, Inc., established in 1984, has announced a donation to the University of Miami’s School of Medicine in support of its research on aging and cognitive function. The funding of the research study “Epigenetic Clock as a ‘Fountain of Youth’: Is the Epigenetic Age more Important for Cognitive Function than Chronological Age?” is part of the foundation’s mission to fund breakthrough research with an emphasis on aging.

Dementia is the leading cause of disability and dependency among the elderly. The UM study will further assess how the epigenetic clock, or biological age, can be affected by behaviors such as diet, exercise, and environment. Could this become a better marker of cognitive function than chronological age alone? If biological age is indeed a better predictor for cognitive decline, this will aid in identifying individuals at high risk for dementia for early intervention. The study will leverage past genetic and clinical research obtained from multiethnic populations.

Research into the causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s has increased as the population ages and as concerns are raised that they will become a major public health burden.

“We are committed to supporting this critical research which affects a growing number of the population worldwide,” said Charles W. Douglas, chairman and president of The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation, Inc. “One of Dr. Pearce’s passions was research on aging. We see the potential for clarity on how to start the modification of age-related epigenetic changes that will benefit future generations.”

Additional foundation grants were awarded to the Mayo Clinic – Macular Degeneration Clinical Study, and Harvard Medical School.

In addition, because of Dr. Pearce’s passion for classical music, the foundation has also provided funding to numerous classical music programs including the New World Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, and the Metropolitan Opera.

About The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation, Inc.

The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation, Inc. was established in 1984 by physician, entrepreneur, and business executive, M. Lee Pearce. The foundation is dedicated to the support of classical music and to improving medical care with an emphasis on aging.

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Melisa Chantres

Source: Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation, Inc.

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