Trigger Discovered That Causes Stem Cells Embryos To Start Developing Into Organs

Published: Oct 31, 2005

Scientists in the U.S. say they have made a breakthrough in cell research. They have apparently discovered the chemical trigger that causes stem cells from embryos to start developing into organs, raising the possibility of parts of the body being able to repair their own damage. The discovery has led to forecasts of dramatic improvements in the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis. It had already been established that the stem cells found in embryos have the capacity to develop into all other types of human cell, but until now they have been unable to find the correct chemical mix to spur them artificially into changing into endoderm, the layer of cells in embryos that in turn gives rise to organs. According to researchers at an American company CyThera, they have developed a technique to produce highly enriched endoderm cultures.

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