Top Cities for Quality Engineer Jobs

Published: Mar 20, 2013

Top Cities for Quality Engineer Jobs By

Quality Engineers for medical devices and diagnostics can earn between $67K and $123K per year making them one of the highest paid medical engineering professionals, but also the ones who face the most challenging puzzles. Statistics from the Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics show an extremely good forecast for these jobs, much higher than average due to the growing dependence on automation and information control within the life sciences.

According to tech-hub Venture Beat, the three cities with the most Quality Engineer jobs in the U.S. in terms of absolute number of jobs are:

Washington, D.C. – the nation's capital is a nexus for the engineers in medical industry, especially those that service the federal government and the military command centers. Medical devices and diagnostic hardware are required by law to meet very high standards for quality. Many quality engineers in D.C. report that national pride is one of the fringe benefits. To search for more quality engineering jobs, visit the BioCapital hotbed site.

New York, NY – the reason they say that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere is because the competition is mostly global. Medical device engineering for quality in NYC is mainly involved in new ventures, so take stock of your strengths and think carefully before you make your move. Once you do, the sky really isn't a limit for what you can achieve. Find upcoming events in the New York area by visiting the Pharm Country region.

San Jose, CA metro area (Silicon Valley) – if it's happening online, it's coming from Silicon Valley. Quality control systems for medical devices and advanced diagnostics software, including cloud-based enterprise platforms, are mainly coming from the quiet suburbs of San Jose, like Cupertino, Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale. Visit the Biotech Bay region for more quality control systems jobs in the Bay Area.

In terms of cities where quality engineer jobs in the life sciences are growing at the fastest rate, take look into the metro areas of:

Oakland, CA – just across the iconic bay from San Francisco is the one-time punch line of a city that is roaring into new life as San Francisco 2.0. Medical lab tech, a rich source of quality engineer positions, is huge in Oakland, and nine medtech-heavy universities call the area home as well. While real estate is necessary limited on the peninsula of San Francisco, Oakland has the whole continent to expand into so the quality engineer jobs won't run out any time soon. To find more jobs, visit the Biotech Bay region.

• Charlotte, NC and the Research Triangle – Charlotte is just southwest of the famous Research Triangle of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. There are 12 universities that do advanced research in medical devices. Classified government projects and other top secret ventures gave this area its name. Charlotte specializes in high tech medical gear and commercialization of new technologies. Even the sleepy community of Dunn has seen it's tech sector explode as quality engineering support tech has grown to the south of the Triangle. To find events in these areas, visit the Bio NC region.

According to the latest census data, four of those metro areas, Austin, Washington D.C., New York, and the Research Triangle, are also in the top 10 fastest growing regions in terms of total population. So if you want a quality engineering job in the life sciences, you better get there soon.

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