Top 10 Biopharma Clusters In The U.S.

Published: May 02, 2016

The old adage that money doesn’t change everything could well be said of this year’s Top 10 U.S. biopharma clusters as listed by GEN.

Nearly all regions saw significant increases in NIH funding (thanks to the $2 billion boost agreed upon by Congress for the current fiscal year) and in venture capital or “VC” funding (thanks to a market that was bullish on biopharma until this fall).

On NIH funding, the top region racked up more than a half billion dollars in grant funding from the agency since the start of the 2016 federal fiscal year on October 1, 2015—compared to $312.797 million collected by the top region on last year’s GEN List of Top 10 U.S. Clusters. And when it comes to VC money, this year’s number one region collected 47% more than the $1.82 billion raised a year ago.

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