The Top 11 Companies Hiring in Biopharma Now

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According to the BioSpace 2024 employment outlook report, 72% of respondents in the life sciences industry—including those who are currently employed—plan to look for a new job this year. However, the number of job postings that are live at BioSpace has declined year over year. There are 32% fewer positions live in March 2024 than in March 2023.   

BioSpace Jobs Live, March 2023–March 2024

BioSpace Jobs Live, March 2023–March 2024

That said, there are plenty of employers hiring. If you’re looking for a new position, here are the top 11 biopharma companies hiring now. 

  1. Moderna 

  1. Takeda 

  1. AbbVie 

  1. Eli Lilly and Company 

  1. Regeneron 

  1. Gilead Sciences 

  1. Daiichi Sankyo 

  1. Sage Therapeutics 

  1. Amgen 

  1. CSL Behring 

  1. BioMarin 

In addition to the companies above, check out these hot companies that are also hiring: Insmed, Mirador and Sonothera

Angela Gabriel is content manager, life sciences careers, at BioSpace. You can reach her at and follow her on LinkedIn.  

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