The Day In Review: OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Gives Up On Macugen

Published: Nov 07, 2006

November 7, 2006 -- OSI Pharma will seek to off-load its eye disease business, bought in its $935 million acquisition of Eyetech; Biogen Idec agreed to restructure the debt owed it by Targeted Genetics; La Jolla Pharma reported enrolment is on track for the Phase III trial of Riquent; Infinity and MedImmune released preliminary results from a test of their Heat Shock Protein 90 inhibitor; Cytogen said Quadramet produced a response in prostate cancer patients; Maxygen reported Roche began a Phase I study of the next generation of interferon; Inovio has given Wyeth a non-exclusive license for its DNA delivery technology; and Catalyst Pharmaceutical cut the expected price of its IPO in half. At the closing bell, the Centient Biotech 200™ was 18 points higher at 4006, a rise of .45%. More details...

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