Taiwan To Produce Bird Flu Drug Without License From Roche

Published: Nov 28, 2005

Taiwan has decided to go ahead with production of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu for use against bird flu despite its failure to obtain a license from Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche. Roche said Friday it would supply Taiwan with all the Tamiflu it required and turned down its request for a license to produce the drug itself for local use. That decision disappointed Taiwanese authorities, who granted the island's Department of Health permission to manufacture Tamiflu for resident use only, to supplement drugs obtained from Roche. Officials said production of Tamiflu could go on until December 31, 2007, but that permission would be revoked should Taiwan reach a subsequent patent agreement with Roche. Taiwan said it would discuss compensation for Roche if the home-produced drug were used prior to approval from the company.

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