Supreme Corporation and VOLT Wearable Tech Exhibit Award-Winning Innovation in Wearable Technology with the IoT GPS and Vital Sign Monitoring System

VOLTech's GPS System has capabilities that offer enhanced accountability and monitoring of Military, Police, Firefighters and other personnel

HICKORY, N.C., Feb. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Supreme Corporation and VOLT Wearable Tech ("VOLTech"), a division of VOLT Smart Yarns, unveiled the World premiere of VOLTech's IoT GPS System with Vital Sign Monitoring, its latest innovation in wearable technology at the 6th Wearable Device and Technology Expo in Tokyo, Japan. Through VOLT Smart Yarns that transmit location and vital signs wirelessly and instantaneously, the System tracks a person's GPS location while using patent-pending Impact Detection technology to detect impacts such as gunshots or car accidents, then accurately reads and assess changes in the person's vital signs with the use of a Skin Worn Body Patch. The System even allows for the ability to connect with Artificial Intelligence ("AI") to predict if the wearer will have a critical health event during an emergency, reducing response time from emergency personnel. Through its real-time vital sign monitoring, GPS tracking and AI integration, the VOLTech System provides unparalleled personnel accountability solutions for Military, Police, Firefighters and other personnel.

"The unveiling of our IoT GPS System with Vital Sign Monitoring is the latest example of the incredible progress we are achieving in R&D and it continues to demonstrate how we are transforming the realm of possibilities in IoT enabled clothing," said Matt Kolmes, CEO of VOLT Wearable Tech and its parent company, Supreme Corporation. "By utilizing our unique VOLT Smart Yarn capabilities and pairing them with leading technology, we are able to create customizable, wearable textiles that are being recognized as the forefront of innovation in the wearable technology space."

Recently, Supreme Corporation and VOLT were recognized by IPC for its contribution in creating an industry standard for Connections to E-Textiles. The IPC award reflects the hard work that VOLT has undertaken to provide greater compatibility with electronics and textile pairing, a frequent barrier in the wearable technology space. Additionally, at the Textile International Forum and Exhibition ("TIFE"), the Taiwan Textile Research Institute presented Supreme and VOLT with an award as a "Leader in Wearable Technology."

"We're honored by the recent recognition we've received for our contributions in wearable technology," said Kolmes. "These awards reflect the continued dedication and passion we bring to our work every day, the world-class partnerships we are making, and the drive to deliver one-of-a-kind products that are changing the face of the wearable technology industry."

Launched in 2018 as a division of VOLT Smart Yarns, VOLT Wearable Tech matches electronics and textiles in new configurations through the use of highly conductive VOLT Smart yarns, to deliver highly customized products for its customers that are transforming the world of IoT-enabled clothing. Currently, VOLTech offers a wide-range of customizable capabilities, including: GPS and Vital Sign Monitoring trackers, VOLT NASA sensors woven into fabrics to create the ability to monitor health and movement in living beings, and VOLT Smart IoT/LED technology for athletes and people on the go. Currently in development are yarns and fabrics with the capability to release medicine to its users.

About Supreme Corporation
A leader in Smart textiles, fiber and safety apparel technology, Supreme Corporation manufactures innovative specialty yarns and safety apparel. The privately-held, Hickory, NC-based company has held 185 patents in 60 countries and currently has 95 active patents in high-tech yarns and fabrics.

VOLT Smart Yarns and VOLT Wearable Tech are divisions of Supreme Corporation. Using exclusive and patented processes, Supreme engineers are able to create revolutionary highly-conductive custom Volt Smart Yarns with specific levels of conductivity, resistance, and strength. These Volt Smart Yarns harness the power of highly conductive copper wires to deliver yarns and sewing threads that are poised to change the world and what is possible in Smart Textiles. VOLT Wearable Tech delivers custom B2B wearable tech solutions.

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