SunRADON Releases lüft™, World's First Plug-in Indoor Air Quality Monitor with Radon Detector


MELBOURNE, Fla., Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SunRADON, a leading provider of professional Radon Detection and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions, today announces the release of lüft™, the world's first smart, plug-in Indoor Air Quality and Radon Monitor.

lüft™ was created to provide consumers an effective and easy method to track Indoor Air Quality, including detection of Radon. SunRADON CEO Dr. Kai Wundke explains the importance of monitoring for Radon, and lack of Radon detection in today's IAQ monitors.

"Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, and responsible for more deaths every year than all other home related deaths caused by fire, poisoning, drowning and falling combined. Yet long term Radon measurements are not included in standard IAQ monitors! It's because Radon detection requires specialized know-how and technology, which SunRADON has mastered for 30+ years while serving professional Radon Inspectors and Mitigators worldwide.

We want to encourage and make it easy for consumers, whether in their home, school, or office, to monitor their air to better protect their health, and it's crucial to include Radon detection."

lüft™ also tracks dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde released from paints, cleaning products, carpeting, wood preservatives, and many other everyday items found in homes.  lüft™ determines the presence and level of Radon and those dangerous chemicals, and alerts if action is needed. Specifically, lüft™ provides six IAQ sensors: along with Radon and Chemicals (tVOC), it also monitors Carbon Dioxide equivalent levels (eCO2), Temperature, Barometric Pressure, and Humidity.

In addition to its modern plug-in design and easy-to-use mobile app, which allows users to access their IAQ information anywhere, anytime, lüft™ further distinguishes itself by the unique capability to connect users seamlessly with their trusted Indoor Air Quality specialist.  Now, IAQ specialists, such as Radon Inspectors and Mitigators, can remotely monitor air quality in homes, schools, hospitals and offices—and can take appropriate actions when needed.

"lüft™ is not just another IAQ monitor, but an integrated, smart IAQ system with the benefit of also detecting Radon, the most dangerous Indoor Air Quality problem of them all," says Dr. Wundke.  

The lüft™ monitor is now available for purchase on or

SunRADON focuses on the avoidance of Radon-induced lung cancer—by advancing innovation of affordable, reliable, and robust Radon Detection and Indoor Air Quality Monitors. For more info, visit

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