Spectros Medical Devices Pioneers Tissue Monitoring Technology

Ensuring Vascular Performance Through Continuous, Non-Invasive Monitoring

HOUSTON, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectros Medical Devices, a leader in non-invasive sensing and remote monitoring, has pioneered a groundbreaking technology for monitoring the health of transplanted tissues in post-cancer and trauma reconstruction surgery, specifically in the highly specialized field of reconstructive micro-surgery.

Top Patient Monitoring Solutions Providers 2023: Spectros Medical Devices Pioneers Tissue Monitoring Technology

The technology developed by Spectros Medical Devices has proven to be invaluable in the post-reconstructive microsurgery stage, providing early detection of vascular compromise through its sensors. This early detection enables timely re-exploration, vastly improving flap salvage and tissue recovery. By adopting this technology, Spectros Medical Devices is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered globally.

"Spectros Medical Devices believes that patient education and ensuring shared decision-making are vital to improving healthcare outcomes. Awareness and education play a crucial role in integrating these monitoring devices into the managed care system. The viability of technology and advancements in monitoring devices like ours are further impacted by this," said Rob Pupelis, CEO of Spectros Medical Devices.

Conventional methods of monitoring free-flaps are subjective and observer-dependent, leading to challenges and potential errors even for experienced clinicians. These devices reduce complications and shorten hospital stays after reconstructive microsurgeries.

The company's flagship product, the T-Stat Monitoring System, offers continuous, non-invasive, and localized measurements that are sensitive to regional and global ischemia. The T-Stat System's oximeter, which utilizes broad-band white light technology and fiber optic spectroscopy, provides accurate representation of flap perfusion at the microvascular level. This real-time data on tissue health aids in early detection, diagnosis, and real-time therapies, thereby reducing complications and overall costs.

Spectros Medical Devices' T-Stat Monitoring System comprises sensors designed for different applications. Surface sensors, commonly used in Breast Reconstruction surgeries, provide real-time monitoring of hemoglobin and tissue oxygen saturation. Endoscopic sensors assess local perfusion of the GI tract during endoscopy, enabling real-time treatments and therapies. Intraoral sensors monitor the saturation of the buccal mucosa and measure the effects of medications on patients with sepsis or other life-threatening medical emergencies.

To enhance the usability and effectiveness of the T-Stat System, Spectros Medical Devices offers the OnCall web-based application, which allows remote viewing of real-time T-Stat readings from anywhere, ensuring seamless access to data for surgeons and caregivers.

Building upon their commitment to improving patient outcomes, advancing technology, and delivering excellent service, Spectros Medical Devices maintains strong relationships with surgeons and provides ongoing support, training, and education to medical and supporting staff in hospitals. The company's focus on constant innovation has resulted in the development of their next-gen T-2.0 device, which includes enhanced sensors and applicators for superior quality and improved surgical outcomes.

Spectros Medical Devices advocates for collaboration within the healthcare community and actively seeks feedback from physicians, patients, and key opinion leaders to address healthcare pain points effectively. They are also engaged in partnerships with non-profit organizations to educate patients and raise awareness about the benefits of technology in improving surgical outcomes.

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