Servatus Biopharmaceuticals Joins Microbiome Therapeutics Innovation Group


WASHINGTON, March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Microbiome Therapeutics Innovation Group (MTIG) announced today the addition of Australian Biotech company Servatus Biopharmaceuticals Ltd to its coalition of companies leading the research and development of FDA-approved microbiome therapeutic drugs and microbiome-based products.

First established in 2012, Servatus Biopharmaceuticals is already in the process of trialing a number of microbial-based biotherapeutic drugs for a range of chronic, inflammatory autoimmune conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, atopic dermatitis, and bowel diseases, as well as gastrointestinal bacterial infections.

"Servatus is delighted to join MTIG and add its voice to the pursuit of evidence-based Microbiome therapeutics," said Dr Wayne Finlayson, Servatus CEO. "Servatus is devoted to creating safe, effective and reliable microbiome based therapeutic drugs to treat a number of chronic and debilitating autoimmune diseases, as well as non-antibiotic treatments for bacterial infections. We are excited to bring Australian biotech to the world stage and are committed to bringing Australian-drug regulatory standards in line with European and American standards".

"We welcome Servatus Biopharmaceuticals to MTIG," said Ken Blount, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Rebiotix Inc., Vice President of Microbiome Research at Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Chairman of MTIG. "Servatus is equipped with unique and innovative capabilities that will help to accelerate the coalitions' common goal to advance the regulatory field for emerging microbiome therapeutics."

Servatus's membership reflects MTIG's commitment to building a strong and diverse coalition of companies driving innovation in the microbiome space,  and supporting safe, well-researched technologies for patient benefit. All pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies pursuing regulatory approvals for microbiome therapeutics and microbiome-based products are eligible for consideration of membership in MTIG. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member, please contact us here.

About Servatus Ltd

Servatus Ltd, was founded in 2012 and is based in Queensland, Australia. Servatus currently has several prospective microbial-based drugs undergoing human clinical trials, and is well underway in developing effective alternative treatments for debilitating autoimmune, inflammatory, gastrointestinal, and dermatological conditions. Servatus is also proud to have a second research and drug development arm in the form of engineered proteins for treatment of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. Servatus hopes to bring an end to the suffering caused by chronic inflammatory diseases for which current medical treatment strategies have limited effectiveness, via the research and development of a new frontier in medical treatment innovation.

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About The Microbiome Therapeutics Innovation Group

The Microbiome Therapeutics Innovation Group (MTIG) is a coalition of companies leading the research and development of FDA-approved microbiome therapeutics and microbiome-based products to address unmet medical needs, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce health care costs. The human microbiome is one of the new frontiers of medical innovation that has the potential to benefit patients suffering from numerous diseases afflicting millions of patients and consuming billions of dollars of healthcare resources. MTIG is committed to working with stakeholders who share in our mission and seek tangible policy and regulatory solutions in the emerging microbiome arena. Through a collective voice, the MTIG membership works together to enhance the regulatory, investment, and commercial environment to accelerate microbiome therapeutic product development and enable the field to reach its potential to benefit patients. 

Today, MTIG is comprised of seven microbiome therapeutics companies: Servatus Biopharmaceuticals, Microba Life Sciences, Rebiotix, Inc., a Ferring Company, Siolta Therapeutics, Seres Therapeutics, Takeda and Vedanta Biosciences.

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About The Conafay Group

The Conafay Group (TCG), led by Stephen R. Conafay, Principal, is a life-sciences government relations firm based in Washington D.C. that serves as Washington counsel and coalition manager for MTIG. TCG specializes in representing life sciences companies, universities, and other organizations in the biomedical sector before the federal government and associated stakeholders.

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