Seragon Pharmaceuticals announces GenomeScore™, an AI platform to predict speed of aging and physiological changes


IRVINE, Calif., July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Seragon Pharmaceuticals Inc., a southern California biopharmaceutical company, announces GenomeScore™ platform, a neural network-trained algorithm combining epigenetic and transcriptome analysis to predict individuals' aging speed and assessing aspects of physiological functions.

"How you age depends on how you lived your life up to this point, and GenomeScore™ looks into what's currently going on in your body," said Lead Scientist Aake Vaestermark of Seragon Pharmaceuticals. While traditional genetic tests reveal genetic predisposition, the company's new platform allows individuals to understand how well their biological system is performing over time. "Conventional genetic tests are like comparing the cars that haven't been used, but our new platform is like comparing the used cars to see if all the components are up and running after all those years."

Traditionally, people estimate their age through chronological years, the number that one celebrates on their birthday each year. However, individuals age in different paces due to factors like genetics and lifestyles. Based on a set of proprietary epigenetic, metabolic and gene expression markers, GenomeScore™ platform can predict an individual's speed of aging and physiological changes.

Unlike existing epigenetic age tests that only provides an overall body age, GenomeScore™'s algorithm paints a more detailed and complete picture of the body's age in different areas. The platform shows both the individual's biological age and predicts one's body aging rate. By combining transcriptome analysis, an assessment of gene expression, the platform can also predict the "age" of other physiological functions such as the immune and endocrine systems.

"The platform could act like a warning sign if one of your organs is growing old particularly fast," said Dr. Vaestermark. "It can be a way of finding your weakest point physically, and people want to know that."

GenomeScore™ provides a novel way of measuring health parameters that may translate to clinical applications for consumers to better predict how lifestyles and other factors impact their process of aging. For scientists and physicians, a better understanding of how individual ages may provide the opportunity to develop personalized medicine to target patients' medical needs in the future.

Through Seragon Pharmaceuticals' dedication to innovation and technology advancement, the company has developed a set of chips based on the GenomeScore™ algorithm to make the platform more accessible. The technology further expands the company's bioinformatics research and product portfolio, fulfilling its commitment to creating healthier communities through advancing science and product development.

About Seragon Pharmaceuticals
Seragon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., located in Irvine, California, is a research-based biopharmaceutical company striving to make a better world by developing innovative life science technologies. At Seragon Pharmaceuticals, we commit to integrating rigorous scientific research and the latest technological advancement to the fields of metabolism, gene therapy and bioinformatics. From the research end to consumer products and clinical applications, we are here to help clinicians improve patient diagnostics and therapies, and support customers build a healthier life.


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