Second Human Cloning Failure For Controversial Fertility Expert

Published: Sep 26, 2005

A controversial fertility expert has today reported a second failure in his attempt to clone a human. Dr Panos Zavos, from the University of Kentucky in the United States, said his team had created four cloned embryos that were transferred to the womb of a 33-year-old Middle Eastern woman. However, none of the embryo transfers resulted in a pregnancy. Dr Zavos offered no scientific evidence to support his claim, and no peer-reviewed journal is publishing the research. A similar lack of information surrounded his previous announcement of a failed cloning attempt in January 2004. On that occasion, Dr Zavos said a single cloned embryo had been placed inside the womb of a 25-year-old woman. Speaking at a press conference in London, Dr Zavos said the latest procedure took place in a Middle Eastern country, which he refused to identify. He would not reveal the identity and nationality of the woman, either.

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