Sartorius Corporation Extends Functions of the Premium Lab Balance Cubis

February 27, 2013 -- Sartorius, a leading international supplier for the pharmaceutical and laboratory industry, has made its premium laboratory balance Cubis even more user-friendly to ensure reliable, error-free results. Sartorius Q-Apps can now be installed on any Cubis balance to guide users quickly and easily in performing any weighing application.

Fast and reliable results for standardized weighing applications

The new Q-Apps are available for weighing applications that are frequently performed, such as determination of the minimum sample weight according to the USP, differential weighing, formula or recipe management, average weight control – i.e., checking the net content of packages – application-specific calibration, or easy pipette calibration. Once downloaded, they can be selected from the balance’s task list. Each application will guide the user step by step through the weighing process selected. Q-Apps ensure 100 percent compliance with SOPs (standard operating procedures) that specify workflow instructions and analytical methods. This eliminates the need for additional checking of weighing results, saving valuable time and money in the laboratory.

Customized Q-Apps have been developed to meet special requirements that differ from standardized weighing processes. These are individually tailored to the customer’s specific requirements and implement the work instructions and analytical procedures exactly as described in the customer’s SOP. Therefore, the Cubis balance “adapts” in order to meet the customer’s requirements 100 percent – and not the other way around. As a result, customized Q-Apps turn a standard Cubis balance into a “Cubis individual” version.

Easy downloads, fast validation

Q-Apps can be downloaded from the Sartorius AppCenter at and directly installed on Cubis using an SD card. The Q-App software can be tested for 30 days free of charge before it must be licensed for a fee. Moreover, Q-Apps enable the balance to exchange data with a higher-level laboratory management system via Web services. This interface protocol is Internet-based, recognized and qualified. As a result, a Cubis balance can be quickly and easily connected to a laboratory management system. This minimizes the time and effort entailed by manual documentation in the lab.

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Easy pipette calibration with Cubis individual

Cubis individual: Easy, ergonomic weighing of the smallest sample quantities

A Profile of Sartorius

The Sartorius Group is a leading international laboratory and process technology provider covering the segments of Bioprocess Solutions, Lab Products & Services and Industrial Weighing. In 2012, the technology group earned sales revenue of 845.7 million euros according to preliminary figures. Founded in 1870, the Goettingen-based company currently employs around 5,500 persons. The major areas of activity of its Bioprocess Solutions segment cover filtration, fluid management, fermentation, cell cultivation and purification, and focus on production processes in the biopharmaceutical industry. The Lab Products & Services segment primarily manufactures laboratory instruments and lab consumables. Industrial Weighing concentrates on weighing, monitoring and control applications in the manufacturing processes of the food, chemical and pharma sectors. Sartorius has its own production facilities in Europe, Asia and America as well as sales subsidiaries and local commercial agencies in more than 110 countries.

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