ZyGEM Corporation Signs OEM Agreement to Incorporate Its Breakthrough RNA Extraction Technology Into Quanta BioSciences, Inc.' Kits for Quantitative PCR

Published: May 09, 2012

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., May 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ZyGEM Corp. Ltd., a developer and marketer of innovative products for the analysis of DNA and RNA, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Quanta BioSciences to incorporate ZyGEM's advanced enzymatic RNA extraction technology into Quanta's leading reagents for quantitative PCR sold to customers worldwide.

The collaboration will enable Quanta to incorporate ZyGEM's proprietary technology for the extraction of RNA from diverse samples into its best-in-class reagents for quantitative PCR, which are used to enable sophisticated applications for gene expression, pathogen detection and genetic analyses in diverse industries including pharmaceutical R&D, diagnostics, agribusiness and bio-defense.

"ZyGEM's RNA extraction technology represents a significant advance in sample preparation for RNA-based testing and analysis, and we are pleased to partner with leading reagent producer Quanta BioSciences to expand its availability," said Paul Kinnon, CEO of ZyGEM. "This agreement reinforces our strategy of partnering with innovative companies to bring the advantages of our accurate, fast and simple RNA and DNA extraction technologies to researchers around the globe."

ZyGEM's enzymatic technology uses a single tube process to provide complete extraction of RNA, including smaller RNA molecules such as non-coding RNA and micro-RNA that are excluded by other extraction methods. It delivers higher molecular weight RNA and more representative transcriptome profiles than other methods and is well suited for complete gene expression and non-coding RNA analyses. The technology has been shown to produce consistent, linear yields of nuclear RNA, thereby ensuring 100% reproducible results.

"As a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced reagents for quantitative biology, we are delighted to offer ZyGEM's unique RNA extraction technology to our growing customer base," said Will Geist, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Quanta BioSciences.

"In our testing, ZyGEM's technology rapidly produced high quality RNA, and we believe our customers will welcome the opportunity to obtain these benefits in their own work," said David Schuster, Director of R&D at Quanta BioSciences.

Further terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About ZyGEM
ZyGEM Corporation markets nucleic acid extraction solutions based on the company's exclusive collection of microorganisms from extreme environments, with applications in basic research, forensics, clinical diagnostics and agriculture. ZyGEM's MicroLab unit is developing integrated sample-to-answer systems with the potential to revolutionize DNA testing. For more information about ZyGEM and its prepGEM, forensicGEM, livestockGEM and RNAGEM nucleic acid extraction kits, visit www.zygem.com.

About Quanta BioSciences
Quanta BioSciences provides best-in-class reagents for quantitative PCR, enabling sophisticated applications in life science and drug discovery laboratories. Quanta offers a comprehensive line of qPCR reagents including the industry-first qScript cDNA SuperMix and PerfeCTa SuperMixes for qPCR and multiplex qPCR. Quanta's reagents are used for gene expression, pathogen detection and genetic analysis applications in a variety of industries worldwide, including pharmaceutical research and development, diagnostics, agribusiness and bio-defense. Quanta manufactures products in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and has distribution relationships worldwide. For more information, visit www.quantabio.com.

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