ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc. to Showcase z.one Ultrasound Platform at Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)

Published: Nov 28, 2011

CHICAGO, Nov. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc., a developer of premium ultrasound solutions, will showcase the z.one system focused on abdominal ultrasound imaging solutions for diverse patient populations here shown at the 97th Annual Meeting of the Radiology Society of North America, November 27 December 2.

ZONARE's z.one ultrasound system delivers high-end image quality powered by its proprietary Zone Sonography Technology (ZST) which compensates for speed of sound variations across patients enabling optimum image quality among a diverse patient population. The system delivers stellar performance and provides mobility and workflow advantages across a wide variety of radiology applications, ranging from neonatal to bariatric patients.

"In my experience, the highly mobile ZONARE system delivers premium pediatric imaging performance in practical applications. Using the C10-3, C9-3 and C6-2 transducers provides consistently uniform imaging at depth on neonates to teenagers with color Doppler performance comparable to our other premium systems," said Dr. Brian Coley, radiologist-in-chief at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. ZONARE scored highest in the pediatric category among the major ultrasound vendors in the KLAS 'Ultrasound 2011 Innovation on the Move' report.

At Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre, the ZONARE system meets their growing demands for diagnostic confidence. "When imaging the liver in large patients with ZONARE's C6-2 and C4-1 probes, I feel that the penetration and image quality is equivalent to what I have seen on premium scanners using similar probe technology," said Ted Lyons, Professor and Past Chairman of Radiology, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The system's battery pack and wireless Ethernet connection permits up to three hours of un-tethered scanning at the patient's bedside during mobile applications, such as imaging in the NICU, the ED and other clinical areas that require ultrasounds to be performed bedside. This eliminates the need to power-down and re-boot the system in between patients, which has the potential to improve overall staffing efficiency. Mobile studies can be wirelessly transmitted back to the reading room as they are being generated on-the-go.

"We are proud to bring meaningful relevant imaging solutions to help clinicians deliver optimum patient care through improved workflow and unprecedented image quality," said Tim Marcotte, Chief Operating Officer at ZONARE Medical Systems. "ZONARE's commitment to ultrasound and customer loyalty drives our continuous focus on expanding the value and versatility of the system with high quality ultrasound solutions that deliver premium performance across a variety of clinical applications."

About the z.one Ultrasound Platform

ZONARE's z.one ultrasound system delivers high-end image quality powered by its proprietary Zone Sonography Technology (ZST). The system's innovative, software-based design and architecture allows continuous performance enhancements and upgrades via software and delivers the highest level of system uptime and customer productivity. The z.one Ultrasound platform delivers premium performance and provides mobility and workflow advantages across a wide range of clinical settings.

About ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc.

ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc., based in Mountain View, Calif, is solely dedicated to ultrasound excellence through its innovative, software-based, next generation technology, and putting customers and employees first. The patented design and architecture of the z.one Ultrasound platform deliver high-end image quality and clinical versatility at unparalleled value. ZONARE's exclusive ultrasound focus resulted in Frost & Sullivan awarding the 2011 North American Technology Innovation Award in Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Technology to ZONARE. For more information, visit: www.zonare.com.

Zone Sonography is a trademark of ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc.

SOURCE ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc.

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