Yissum Ltd. and Hadasit License Regenerative Polymeric Membrane Implants to RegeneCure

Published: Mar 07, 2011

JERUSALEM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Yissum Research Development Company Ltd., the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Hadasit Medical Research Services & Development Ltd., the technology transfer company of the Hadassah University Medical Center, today announced that they have licensed innovative regenerative membrane implant technology to RegeneCure, which will further develop and commercialize the technology for bone tissue engineering for applications in trauma, spine, and reconstructive cranial and facial orthopedics. The technology was invented by Professor Michael Friedman from the Institute of Drug Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Prof. Rami Mosheiff. M.D., Head of Orthopedic Trauma Center, Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem.

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