X-Pur Opti-Rinse Cleans Out the Competition


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Oral Science Inc. is a Canadian dental care distributor that will give you something to smile about. X-Pur, Oral Science's brand of high-end dental care products, offers a measured and targeted response to the challenges occurring inside of your mouth. Their X-Pur Opti-Rinse has proven itself as a preferred choice for doctors and healthcare professionals. With the release of X-Pur Opti-Rinse Plus, Oral Science's updated formula is certified by Health Canada as an effective way to maintain proper tooth and gum health. Now sold for the same price as their original product, Opti-Rinse Plus comes in a larger bottle and is available in mint and grape flavors. Used by many dentists north of the border, Opti-Rinse Plus is available to both medical professionals and everyday consumers in Canada and the United States.

Unlike some of its competitors, the X-Pur Opti-Rinse Plus is alcohol-free, has a neutral pH, and comes without any major side effects. With a taste derived from the inclusion of Xylitol, a naturally-occurring compound, the mint-flavored Opti-Rinse contains 0.2 percent Sodium Fluoride and is recommended for once-weekly use while the grape-flavored Opti-Rinse has 0.05 percent Sodium Fluoride and is recommended for once-daily use. The ingredient that puts the "plus" in the Opti-Rinse Plus, however, is Citrox. This new addition is an antimicrobial bioflavonoid, known for its germ-fighting properties. Bioflavonoids are naturally-occurring antioxidants that combat free radical damage and are found in many plant-based foods and drinks - fruits, vegetables, and also red wines and dark chocolates. In the X-Pur Opti-Rinse, Citrox is culled from oranges. These citrus fruits provide a natural, alcohol-free, GMO-free, non-synthetic, and hypo-allergenic way to maximize dental resilience.

Patients hoping to increase their arsenal to fend off plaque, gingivitis, and other ailments, will find what they are looking for in the Opti-Rinse formula. One of these ailments - xerostomia AKA dry mouth - is a side effect present in many medications. Dry mouth is the unintended consequence of a lot of drug therapies and can result in the de-mineralization of a patient's teeth. This causes the teeth to be more susceptible to cavities and gingivitis. Oral Science sees xerostomia as one of its chief adversaries in the battle to fight tooth decay, re-mineralize enamel, and ensure that the mouth stays hydrated and clean. Here, Opti-Rinse may be a natural solution.

This is a product for the professionals. So, for the best results, Oral Science recommends that users rinse their mouths with 10 ml of Opti-Rinse for a whole minute before expectorating. Then, they should wait a half an hour before drinking or eating. Opti-Rinse requires more discipline than your average mouthwash because the benefits are that much greater. Consider Oral Science's natural, Canadian product to take away your dental worries.

The Opti-Rinse Plus will give you something to smile about.





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