With a Strong IP Portfolio and an Innovative Technology Platform Applicable to MISS Procedures, NLT SPINE Sets the Stage for Commercialization and Opens U.S. Office

Published: Mar 12, 2013

Kfar Saba, Israel, March 12th, 2013 – NLT SPINE, a developer of products for spine procedures that are performed through a small incision, officially opened a subsidiary in the U.S. to support the commercialization of its advanced technology platform.

NLT SPINE has developed the “non-linear” technology platform enabling implantation of large spinal implants and instruments through small incisions for the treatment of degenerative conditions of the spine. With the “non-linear” technology platform, implant and instrument size is not limited by the incision size. It involves segmented devices that are inserted in a straight configuration (“linear”) into the spine by the means of a conduit and are then transformed into different (“non-linear”) shapes inside the body. The conduit provides for a pathway for introduction of instruments and implants, protecting soft tissues and nerves, allowing for predictable positioning and an accurate inflexion point within the patient, and affording a more reproducible procedure. These functional characteristics can shorten the learning curve for surgeons and may help to reduce user errors associated with spine surgery. The platform is applicable to a wide variety of surgical spine procedures representing segments that cover over 95% of the spinal implant marketplace in the U.S.

NLT SPINE is committed to owning the expandable / deployable spinal instrument and implant IP space. With the vision to aid both surgeon and patient, NLT SPINE is vigorously innovating and patenting the ideas that will enable the majority of spine surgery treatments to be performed with smaller incisions, using its non-linear technology platform. NLT SPINE holds 18 patent families, and over 100 single issued and pending patents worldwide. Patent families include a variety of the non-linear technology applications, which assume predefined curved form upon introduction into the body. This includes segmented implants with segmented structures that form non-linear structures upon deployment.

Following the initial positive results from clinical experience with its PROW FUSIONTM intervertebral body fusion device, and backed by its strong IP portfolio, NLT SPINE prepares for the commercialization of its platform in the U.S. market. Two of the company’s first generation products have already been cleared by the FDA and released into the market for initial clinical use, the PROW FUSIONTM intervertebral body fusion device for spinal fusion in transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) procedures, and the eSPINTM discectomy tool. Both devices can be used with traditional open procedures as well as with smaller incisions.

Didier Toubia, NLT SPINE’s CEO, commented, "Our vision is ultimately to revolutionize the spine market and create a shift towards MISS, similar to the way the catheter has revolutionized cardiovascular procedures."

“We are very pleased with the positive results from recent clinical experience and we look forward to bringing additional benefits to surgeons and hospitals in the U.S.”’ He added.

NLT SPINE’s non-linear technology is well suited for procedures involving small incisions and its reproducibility is expected to lead to a greater percentage of procedures being performed in outpatient, ambulatory surgical centers. NLT SPINE opened a U.S. Subsidiary in the Boston area in January 2013. “Our focus at this time is to continue building clinical data for the PROW FUSIONTM and eSPINTM, to further demonstrate the clinical value and cost efficiencies of these devices”, stated Tom Keegan, Vice President of Business Development and U.S. Marketing, “In parallel, we are preparing for the expanded release and ultimately full launch of our products during 2014.”

NLT SPINE was recently awarded and named ‘one of the 10 most promising start up companies of 2012’ by The Globes, a leading news source for business, finance and technology in Israel. The company was selected based on the unique innovation and wide potential applicability of its non-linear technology platform.

For more information about the company and technology please visit http://www.nlt-spine.com


NLT SPINE specializes in the development of innovative spine surgery instrumentation and implants for treating degenerative spinal conditions through small surgical incisions. The company’s vision is to improve patient care and reduce total treatment costs by ultimately shifting from traditional open surgical routines to MISS, employing new methods and technologies to enhance usability and outcomes.

Led by top international leaders in spinal surgery, NLT SPINE holds a wide portfolio of pending and issued patents that cover the non-linear core technology and related implant and instrument technologies.

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Tom Keegan

Vice President Business Development and US Marketing


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