Wellness Chain Overturns Traditional Healthcare System

MOSCOW, July 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Global Blockchain Summit, the world's largest blockchain summit, kicked off at the GUM Center, No. 3, Red Square, Moscow, Russia. The summit, sponsored by Chinese state-owned enterprises including Wanbo and CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC) and co-sponsored by institutions such as Perched Holding Limited Company, has brought together more than 10,000 global industry representatives, including global government leaders, top blockchain experts, well-known corporate leaders and reporters from media, to discuss the application scenario of blockchain in various fields, promote the development of the next-generation blockchain technology, boost the strategic upgrade of the outstanding Chinese and Russian blockchain companies and projects, and enable more blockchain technologies to be supported and implemented. More than 1,000 media worldwide have made bombarded reports on this world-renowned event.

In this highly anticipated event, Dennis Na, CEO of Teda Wellness and founder of the Wellness Chain, attended the summit as a keynote speaker and delivered a keynote speech at a symposium on financial technology and blockchain technology. He expressed his view on the prospects of blockchain and its application, what Wellness Chain can contributes to the field of healthcare.

As is known to all, the medical industry relates to people's health and is an isolated industry that strictly guards its own data and technology. However, the medical industry really requires joint efforts to safeguard the health and safety for human life. Medical institutions are required to share data and technology to improve cure rates for many diseases. In particular, under the status quo of serious asymmetry of medical records, diagnostic data and other information, the current global healthcare industry faces many difficulties and severe challenges. In addition to the extremely low interconnection of medical data and insufficient requirements for medical and health management mentioned above, there are also problems such as incomplete medical privacy protection, poor medical data security, high construction cost of medical data systems, difficulties in medical data storage and supervision, and obstacles in tracing medical supply chains.

How to make the traditional medical industry more effective, convenient, open, fair and secure? To solve these problems, front-line technicians from the R&D team of the Wellness Chain database and the blockchain department of Teda Wellness, Malaysia, the blockchain R&D team of GTS India and Jingdong Cloud sit together with health care experts at the summit. After comprehensive and in-depth market analysis, the Wellness Chain health smart cooperation platform, a new ecosystem of health industry smart contracts has been created in response to market demands. With the health industry as the core, this blockchain-based healthcare data sharing platform, making full use of the consensus of the high-confidence, low-cost security, distributed ledger, and decentralized center features of the blockchain, adopts a new smart contract architecture design, and integrates the advanced Internet of Things technologies, to realize comprehensive reform in the healthcare industry service system, to reconstruct the medical ecological chain, and to promote the transformation of human healthcare services.

Wellness Chain has gained full support and R&D approval from countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos thanks to its five core functions (the super medical ledger, AI smart medical care, credit supply chain, blockchain security contract and blockchain medical coordination incentive system), its complete and powerful technology development team, the essential needs of the era and the unstoppable development prospects in the health industry.

Wellness Chain will take the opportunity to launch on international platform in August, 2018, Beijing time. And in December, it will establish the "Blockchain and Medical Research Center" together with Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM) and Zhejiang University of China. By then, Wellness Chain in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and other countries will gradually be applied to the medical credit system, medical personal health data system, medical service system, medical AI system, medical supply chain system, medical clinical system, medical insurance system, and medical payment system, to solve the essential needs of the era in an all-round way.

In the future, Wellness Chain will first get into public hospitals in Southeast Asian countries, and gradually radiate to private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other medical entities. It will also be connected to medicare card and the payment systems in major hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other medical entities to provide an all-round support for patients to pay with Wellness Chain and get certain discounts on medical services. With the coordination, participation and contribution of multiple parties, an ecological service system for global healthcare supply chain will be established.

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