Week In Review: Zai Lab Targets $1 Billion Valuation In Planned U.S. IPO

Deals and Financings

- Zai Lab has selected investment bankers for a US IPO with a rumored goal of raising $150 million at a $1 billion company valuation;
- Hangzhou Just Biotherapeutics (Just China) completed a $57 million Series B funding to develop a portfolio of affordable innovative and biosimilar products;
- New Horizon Health, a Beijing-Hangzhou company developing early-stage cancer screening products, raised $20 million in a B round;
- Shanghai Fosun Pharma is competing with Shanghai Pharma Holding to acquire a $600-$700 million stake in Atlanta's Arbor Pharma;
- Biocept, a San Diego diagnostics company, completed a $2.2 million private placement from Ally Bridge, who will help the company with a China strategy;
- Shenzhen Salubris negotiated a tech transfer with the US National Institutes of Health for a potential liver cancer drug; - HitGen of Chengdu began a multi-target, multi-year drug discovery collaboration with LEO Pharma A/S, a Danish dermatology company;

Company News
- Shanghai Pharma signed a MOU with DHL Supply Chain to prepare for a global expansion and optimize its current China pharma distribution network;

Trials and Approvals
-Dennis Lo, PhD, founder of Hong Kong cancer screening company Cirina, led a successful three-year test among 20,000 men for nasopharyngeal cancer, showing the value of early screening.

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