Wamberg Genomic Advisors Expands its Cancer Guardian™ Program to Include Comprehensive Cancer Support, led by Cancer Support Specialists, Medical Record Management, and Advanced DNA Testing


LA JOLLA, Calif.,  /PRNewswire/ -- A year after Wamberg Genomic Advisors introduced Cancer Guardian, a program that provides guidance and access to leading-edge advanced DNA testing at the time of a cancer diagnosis, the company announced that Cancer Guardian will now include enhanced Comprehensive Cancer Support. The enhanced service now provides individuals with personalized support led by Cancer Support Specialists, a Medical Records Platform, Advanced DNA Testing and a second opinion pathology review. These services can be costly and are typically not covered by medical insurance. It is immediately available to employers and their employees via their trusted benefit brokers and to policyholders of life insurance companies through qualified agents. For more information, visit CancerGuardian.com.

Mid-Atlantic Benefits Group LLC recently added the Cancer Guardian program as part of its benefit offering to clients. Matt DiPasquale, Partner commented, "Our organization is constantly looking for new concepts and products that will bring genuine value to our clients and partners. Wamberg Genomic Advisor's Cancer Guardian offering does just that in an innovative way that we have rarely seen. This product is a great addition to round out any benefit package. It has improved attendance and generated a buzz around Open Enrollment meetings, which would have otherwise been lacking. Cancer Guardian had the highest participation of any of the voluntary products we offered during a recent enrollment."

Added Tom Wamberg, CEO of Wamberg Genomic Advisors, "For a year we have provided our valuable core Cancer Guardian program ? providing guidance and access to the most comprehensive genetic testing at the time of diagnosis. When helping cancer patients, we have always handled many issues in patient support on an ad hoc basis. We saw the need to formalize these support services. After all, patients, at the time of diagnosis, are often overwhelmed and confused. They are dealing with new medical terms, bombarded with information and often need objective, expert help and powerful digital tools. To offer this critical support we have assembled a team of experts and digital providers to deliver our new, exclusive Cancer Guardian: Comprehensive Cancer Support program."

Cancer Guardian includes the following services:

Personalized Cancer Support:

Cancer Guardian Support Line (digital and human help) is a nurse information line that is a phone call away. It is a dedicated resource designed to answer questions and provide support for anything cancer related. A cancer diagnosis is not necessary to utilize this valuable service.

Cancer Support Specialists are assigned to each cancer patient. These highly trained people -- who are familiar with the landscape and path to managing and living with cancer -- help to inform the patient. The Cancer Support Specialists are the center point of support and guidance during a critical life event and help with the following:

    • Interpret terms to validate and curate information pertinent to each patient
    • Provide advice regarding treatment options
    • Deliver insight on preparation for treatment and insights
    • Provide insights about risk reduction strategies
    • Provide a practical, realistic perspective when the going gets tough for the patient and family

Onsite Nurse Support for doctor visits, is support beyond the Cancer Support Specialists. A nurse will be available for a key appointment of the patient's choosing.

Second Opinion Pathology Review - Initial misdiagnosis rates of cancers are as high as 15%. A second opinion pathology review via a respected institution is available.

Medical Data Management:

The Cancer Guardian Medical Records Storage & Transmission Platform is a secure, HIPAA compliant, user friendly, cloud-based solution for storing and accessing medical records, including radiological images. Cancer patients often receive treatment and opinions from multiple medical facilities and personal health practitioners. The solution is built on an open platform requiring no integration with existing medical data platforms. It gives patients the freedom to connect with doctors, clinics, family members, insurance providers and their Cancer Support Specialists in a convenient and efficient way. Plus, it assures a single view of the truth regarding each case and patient record. Cancer Guardian enrollees can use this service at any time, for any condition.

Advanced DNA Testing:

Comprehensive genetic testing at the Time of Diagnosis adds to the personalized treatment roadmap. This type of DNA testing allows an individual's doctor to choose the most effective treatments and care based on the genetic makeup of the individual's specific cancer. Genetic testing can provide physicians the precise information they need to identify if their patient is a candidate for advanced treatment options such as: targeted therapies, immunotherapies and clinical trials.

Note: Wamberg Genomic Advisors and American Cancer Society are raising money for cancer research. Wamberg Genomic Advisors donates 60 cents per enrollee, per year to American Cancer Society and has set a goal to exceed 1 million enrollees in the next 24 months.

About Wamberg Genomic Advisors
Wamberg Genomic Advisors is the first company dedicated to making genomic based programs and services available at prices everyone can afford. Advanced DNA testing can provide insights to individuals and healthcare providers for better-informed decisions about overall health, patient care paths and the quality and longevity of life. Wamberg Genomic Advisors delivers genomic products and services to employers and their employees via their trusted benefit brokers, and to policyholders of life insurance companies through qualified agents. To discover more about Wamberg Genomic Advisors and the future of genomics, visit wamberggenomic.com and cancerguardian.com.


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