Walgreens Launches Tyrell's Zeno(R) Nationwide; First And Only FDA-Cleared Over-the-Counter Device To Treat Acne

HOUSTON, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tyrell, Inc., the creators of Zeno, an innovative medical device used to treat acne, today announced Zeno's availability in most Walgreens (NYSE: WAG ; Nasdaq) stores nationwide. Walgreens is the exclusive national drugstore retailer of Zeno.

"We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Walgreens," said Walter Klemp, president and CEO of Tyrell, Inc. "The distribution of Zeno through Walgreens places our product on the shelves in the leading domestic chain drug retailer and makes the device more accessible to consumers."

The first and only FDA-cleared device of its kind, Zeno has revolutionized the over-the-counter acne treatment industry by offering a quick, safe and effective means of making blemishes disappear.

Zeno, which initially was available solely through physicians and medi- spas, has experienced significant growth since its introduction in June 2005. Consumer reaction and demand was so outstanding that the initial success was followed by expanded distribution into a variety of specialty aesthetic retailers. The introduction of Zeno into the chain drug retail class of trade and the partnership with Walgreens rounded out a natural progression of Zeno's distribution expansion.

Walgreens first tested Zeno in a three-month, three-market test in Madison, Wis., Nashville, Tenn., and Atlanta this summer. Sales results and consumer reaction exceeded expectations, prompting Walgreens and Tyrell to roll out a full national distribution plan this fall. Walgreens launched the device as well as the Replacement Treatment Tip into the majority of its stores beginning in late August.

"Walgreens has long been a destination for beauty shoppers," said Michelle Hobson, manager of strategic business development for Walgreens beauty. "We are always searching for the latest, most reliable solutions for our customers' skincare dilemmas. Zeno is also a medical device, so it is a perfect fit for Walgreens. The word is getting out about Zeno, and our beauty advisors in each store are playing an important role in educating consumers about this new technology."

Zeno works by harnessing one of the fundamental principles of medicine - using heat to treat bacteria. Tyrell's proprietary ClearPoint(TM) technology is imbedded in a treatment tip that heats up to 118.5 degrees Fahrenheit for two-and-a-half minutes, and is applied directly to an individual acne pimple. This application generates a heat shock response in the p. acnes bacteria - the form of bacterium that causes most acne outbreaks - killing it and clearing the affected area. In an FDA-reviewed clinical trial, 90 percent of the pimples treated demonstrated improvement or resolution within 24 hours.

"Zeno is successful because it complements good hygiene regimens and offers an alternative solution to tackle a disease that impacts so many people," said Robert Conrad, chief operating officer for Tyrell and Zeno's inventor. "More than 90 million Americans suffer from acne, and now, because of Zeno and its availability in Walgreens, they have the ability to conquer embarrassing blemishes in the privacy of their own homes."

Zeno and Zeno Replacement Treatment Tips are also available for purchase at http://www.walgreens.com .

About Tyrell, Inc. and Zeno(TM)

Established in Houston, Texas, in September 2002, Tyrell, Inc. is the leading pioneer in an exciting new category of home-based medical devices. The company was formed to develop and launch Zeno, a product set to revolutionize over-the-counter treatment of acne pimples. Utilizing proprietary ClearPoint(TM) technology, this electronic medical device applies sustained heat therapy to destroy the bacteria that causes common acne, dramatically reducing the healing time of pimples. For more information, visit http://www.myzeno.com .

About Walgreen Co.

Walgreen Co. is the nation's largest drugstore chain with fiscal 2006 sales of $47.4 billion. The company operates 5,461 stores in 47 states and Puerto Rico. Walgreens also provides additional services to pharmacy patients and prescription drug and medical plans through Walgreens Health Services, its managed care division, which includes Walgreens Health Initiatives Inc. (a pharmacy benefits manager), Walgreens Mail Service Inc., Walgreens Home Care Inc. and Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy.

Source: Tyrell, Inc.; Walgreen Co.

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