Vystar Partners with “Nothing in the Air” for RxAir Marketing, Advertising & Distribution

  • NITA president one of nation’s top 100 TV healthcare content producers
  • Launching ROKU Campaign June 3

Worcester, MA and PALM DESERT, CA, June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vystar® Corporation’s (OTCQB: VYST) RxAir® division has joined forces with a powerful new ally, Nothing in the Air (NITA), to market and distribute the RxAir ultraviolet light (UV-C) air purifier product line. NITA expands Vystar’s network of licensed distributors and will focus primarily on marketing online and via television in select markets.

Roland Perez, became President of NITA specifically to market RxAir products after learning about them via interviews with Bryan Stone, MD, for the PBS channel American Health Journal. Dr. Stone is the Chairman of Medicine Emeritus at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, Calif., and the Medical Director at multiple DaVita Dialysis Centers. Dr. Stone has become an international spokesperson on RxAir after doing extensive medical research on epidemiology, airborne pathogens, and air purification in an effort to keep his patients healthy.

Mr. Perez is the owner of Windsor Broadcast Productions, and a long running television producer currently syndicating 28 shows, programming and content on public television to more than 100 million public television viewers weekly. He has won more than 100 national and international awards for broadcast and production excellence in the course of his 32-year career.

“I was intrigued by my conversations with Dr. Stone about the RxAir and the fact that this FDA-cleared UV-C light air purifier had been proven in EPA certified lab tests to destroy a myriad of harmful airborne pathogens – without chemicals or any significant ongoing effort by the consumer,” Perez stated. “I’ve interviewed more than 7700 doctors and produced hundreds of videos to educate on various health conditions, preventive measures and treatments, and I was drawn to this incredible opportunity to easily improve health with RxAir. Our NITA team is combining online marketing and sales with the power of storytelling to educate about RxAir-- a simple preventative measure that can help reduce illness and suffering to help consumers enjoy healthier lives.”

Dr. Stone noted, “People pay so much attention to the food they eat and beverages they drink, but usually don’t pay attention to the 23,000 breaths they take each day. Air is invisible so they don’t think about the profound and far-reaching effects it can have on long - and short-term health, such as headaches, fatigue, respiratory issues, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin, as well as infections and cancer. The EPA's Science Advisory Board (SAB) has consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health. RxAir is an important tool in improving indoor air quality (IAQ).”

On June 3rd, NITA will roll out its first RxAir advertising campaign on ROKU, TV commercials during PBS healthcare programming, as well as an online campaign with RxAir customer testimonials and interviews with Dr. Stone. Hundreds of video segments will showcase RxAir’s abilities to harness the power of UV-C light to improve air quality by:

  • destroying a myriad of airborne viruses and bacteria, including multiple coronaviruses that cause COVID, SARS and the common cold; H1N1; MRSA; pneumonia; strep; tuberculosis; measles; and influenza;
  • inactivating molds, fungi and other pathogens;
  • neutralizing odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as those emitted from manufacturing processes, carpets, paints, cleaning supplies, coatings, solvents, chemicals, animals and cooking.

The initial ROKU campaign will target the Los Angeles County California area, then expand to YouTube and Apple and other geographic markets. All traffic will be driven to the new NITA website where visitors can learn more about RxAir and place orders.

Dr. Stone noted, “Many school districts are addressing indoor air quality with the use of RxAir, with great results, as noted in their testimonials. NITA offers ideal channels to introduce RxAir to combat IAQ issues faced by a broader audience, such as government agencies, churches, healthcare facilities, gyms and commercial entities.”

How RxAir Works

The RxAir UV-C light air purifier is uniquely effective because its patented “kill chamber” forces the air to spiral in close proximity around the three 10-inch UV-C tubes for an extended period of time, ensuring the proper 254 nm wavelength dosage for maximum microbicidal and neutralization activity.

For more information on RxAir, visit www.NothingInTheAir.com, or www.RxAir.com. For service questions contact info@Rxair.com or 508-791-9114.
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