VENENUM Biodesign Announces Opening of Medicinal Chemistry Labs

Published: Jun 21, 2011

HAMILTON, N.J., June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- VENENUM Biodesign, a drug discovery company that utilizes ultra-high throughput screening (UHTS) of its compound collection to identify potential therapeutic agents against its novel disease-based targets, or its partners' targets, announced today that it opened its new medicinal chemistry space at 8 Black Forest Road in Hamilton, NJ.

The facility comprises over 11,000 square feet of state-of-the-art research laboratories and office space. The space is used by VENENUM's chemists primarily for synthetic chemistry. In addition, VENENUM has a fully equipped analytical chemistry lab, a compound collection management lab, and an NMR lab housing a 400 MHz Bruker NMR spectrometer.

VENENUM Biodesign was established with the mission of improving patients' lives through the discovery of new therapeutic compounds. They are committed to building platforms for drug discovery research from novel targets to preclinical implementation. VENENUM Biodesign, a company within the Genesis Biotechnology Group, is located in "Einstein's Alley," the research and technology corridor in Hamilton, New Jersey. Their facility is easily accessible to other academic medical centers, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.

The new facility at 8 Black Forest Road in Hamilton, NJ is a unique blend of upscale office space and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities designed with a specialized floor plan to accommodate the Biodesign compound collection which includes 5.5 million proprietary compounds (the "ECLiPS" library collection), six newly designed VENENUM Targeted Libraries (VTLs), and approximately 80,000 compounds from commercial sources. This small molecule collection is one of the largest in the world and, combined with VENENUM's state-of-the-art UHTS capabilities, is a powerful tool to generate quality leads for drug discovery.

The site also houses expansive laboratories to accommodate mammalian and yeast cell culture, siRNA technology, protein engineering and production, cellular reagent generation, structural biology, and in vitro assay and in vivo model development.

According to Dr. Maria Webb, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), "VENENUM is well-positioned with full ranging 'Gene to Lead' capabilities in early drug discovery. We use our capabilities and unique technology to advance screening hits against our own novel targets to Pre-Clinical Development Candidates. We aim to partner these candidates with pharma in the next few years. In the interim, we are actively seeking collaborations in screening and medicinal chemistry areas to maximize the use of our technology and capabilities."

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Maria Webb, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

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