Valensa International, LLC Launches Broad New Portfolio of Perilla-based Formulations

Published: Mar 05, 2013

ORLANDO, Fla., March, 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to consumer demand for plant-based Omega-3s and the global shortage of Chia seeds, Valensa International (Eustis, FL USA) announced today that it has launched a new portfolio of formulations based on the Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) Omega-3 ingredient supercritical CO2 Perilla seed extract. Perilla seed CO2 extract has the highest ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids of any known seed oil a remarkable 6:1 - and typically 50% to 60% ALA content, which is twice that of Chia seed extract. The foundation products in the new lineup are Verilla Perilla Seed Extract and VerillaMax Perilla Seed Flour. Verilla Perilla Seed Extract is available as oil, in softgels, capsules and in gummy bear form. VerillaMax Perilla Seed Flour is a 40% protein, 40% fiber dry product aimed at functional foods and bars. Formulated products in the new lineup include Kerilla Perilla Seed Extract + Krill Oil, Zanthin® XP-3 and Z-Omega 3-6-9, a Chia/Perilla oil blend that is superior in ALA content to conventional Chia oil. Each of these products feature supercritical CO2 Perilla seed extract in conjunction with ingredients that complement or enhance the nutritional profile of the formulation.

According to Dr. Rudi E. Moerck, President and CEO of Valensa, the Perilla-based ingredient lineup has been developed as the "New Chia" in response to growing interest in plant-based Omega-3s. "In 2006, Valensa was the first company to champion supercritical CO2 Chia seed extract as an important ingredient. Today, however, chia seeds are in short supply and rapidly increasing in cost. While we're continuing to market chia-based products, we feel that the time is right for supplement and functional food marketers to take a fresh look at supercritical CO2 Perilla seed extract and Perilla extract blends for what they have to offer consumers," he said. "New research continues to show the health benefits of alpha linoleic acid as a supplement to human diets. Not only is Perilla seed supercritical CO2 extract available right now, it is lower in cost and better from a nutritional standpoint than Chia," he added.

Formulated ingredients to address multiple consumer touchpoints:

All of Valensa's perilla-based ingredients start with a supercritical CO2 extract of select grade seeds of the Perilla frutescens plant. This is a high quality extract and features Valensa's proprietary O2B Peroxidation Blocker technology for optimal shelf-life stability, particularly in comparison to unstable expeller-pressed Perilla products that experience oxidation and rancidification during and after the manufacturing process. The flavor of supercritical CO2 Perilla seed extract is milder than either Chia or Flax.

Kerilla Perilla Seed Extract + Krill Oil combines Valensa's Perilla seed extract in a proprietary formulation with Krill oil. This ingredient offers the functionality of all three major Omega-3 forms: ALA, EPA and DHA in a phospholipid delivery system for enhanced absorption and bioavailability.

Z-Omega 3-6-9 is a proprietary formulation of Perilla seed extract with Chia seed extract and Olive Fruit extract. The ingredient has been formulated to deliver essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, as well as Omega-9 (oleic acid). Omega-9, while not essential, is a highly important nutritional component of the recently reported on Mediterranean Diet which has been shown once again to support dramatic improvements in cardiovascular health. Olive Fruit extract contains between 55%-85% of the monounsaturated fatty acid Omega-9.

Zanthin® XP-3 combines Valensa's Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin with a supercritical extract of Perilla seed and organic sunflower-based phospholipids in a synergistic formulation that enhances the human body's absorption of the astaxanthin. Published research has shown that absorption of astaxanthin in the human body ranges from 25% to 90% in different individuals, and this can be greatly enhanced using natural plant-based oils and natural surfactants like Sunflower Phospholipids. At 2-4 mg Astaxanthin doses, this ingredient can offer similar physiological antioxidant/anti-aging benefits to far more costly 10+ mg doses of Astaxanthin.

VerillaMax Perilla Seed Flour is a proprietary, partially CO2 defatted product based on Perilla seed, which is milled to a dry flour. This gluten-free, good tasting flour can be used in a wide range of functional food applications where low carb, high fiber, high protein and a healthy amount of Omega-3s are desired. It can be used as a supplement or as a replacement for other types of flours in formulated products. VerillaMax does not increase the viscosity of formulations. The ingredient contains 40% protein and 40% fiber as well all nine essential amino acids. Recommended applications for VerillaMax Perilla Seed Flour include nutrition bars and functional foods particularly in the sports nutrition market.

All of these formulated ingredients utilize Valensa's O2B Peroxidation Blocker System for enhanced shelf life with a minimum of two years at 25 degrees C. They are available as bulk oil, softgels and capsules.

According to Moerck, it is time for supercritical CO2 extracted Perilla to step out of the shadows of other plant-based Omega-3s and take its place as an ingredient in the consumer's consciousness. "In the last several years, we have seen a dramatic increase in awareness by consumers of the potential for sustainable, plant-based Omega-3s to support healthy living. The fact that the industry is reporting shortages of Chia seeds is indicative of the demand for high quality plant-based Omega-3s," he said. "When you analyze what nutritional professionals and consumers are looking for, it is clear that Perilla seed extract meets or exceeds those expectations higher levels of ALA, a better ratio of EFAs and a better taste profile. We're excited to be able to offer this broad portfolio of supercritical CO2 Perilla-based ingredients to help the industry develop exciting new products in this space," he added.

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