UVP, LLC's New Orbital Motion Tray

Published: Mar 26, 2010

New Orbital Motion Tray is available for use with UVP’s hybridization ovens to provide continuous movement for thorough mixing of samples. The tray features 30 rpm rotation speed at a 2o angle. The tray size is 10”W x 6.5”D. UVP’s HB-1000 Hybridizer, HL-2000 HybriLinker and HM-4000 Multidizer Hybridization Ovens supply accurate temperature output for hybridization of Northern, Southern and Western blots. The precision heating range is ambient 10oC to 99.9oC. Each system includes a carousel which accommodates multiple bottle sizes (twenty 35 x 150mm or ten 35 x 300mm bottles, or combination of both) as well as offset bottle positioning. The carousel rotates at selectable speed settings for even distribution of solutions on the membranes. The accessory tray is easily interchangeable with the carousel in the hybridization ovens to permit placement of different types of vessels. The tray plugs into the chamber interior. For use of the tray outside the oven, additional external tray configurations are available.

For more information on the Orbital Motion Tray and Hybridization Ovens, go to http://uvp.com/hybridizationoverview.html

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