UVP, LLC Announces Major Software Upgrade for VisionWorksLS Analysis Software

Published: Jun 11, 2010

June 2010

UVP, LLC announces a major upgrade to the VisionWorks®LS Software, configured with UVP’s BioImaging Systems, making this version the most streamlined, efficient design for personalized workflow. The new VisionWorksLS 7.0 software includes a redesigned interface, portable analysis data, capture templates and compatibility with Windows 7. Photo caption: Screen shot shows new tab layout and preset camera capture templates for fluorescence, white light and chemi image capture.

The software features:

• Redesigned layout is now organized into five concise sections for acquisition, analysis, area density, colony counting and imaging filters. This design provides an organized workflow through the image capture and analysis functions.

• Image capture templates are pre-defined allowing quick, easy capture of standard fluorescent, chemiluminescent and white light images. Click a button to open an image preview window. The settings, including aperture, focus and lighting, are preset for typical imaging applications. The templates are highly useful for repeat experiments. Users can define personalized templates as well.

• Saving the image and analysis data in a single file permits the image/analysis to be portable and transferable to another computer. This aids researchers when working on network computers.

• The VisionWorksLS 7 upgrade version is compatible with Windows 7 (32-bit) for computers with the latest operating software.

“The simplified layout and functionality allows researchers to quickly capture, analyze and save images and data in a controlled, systematic method,” says Alex Waluszko, UVP’s VP for Marketing and Sales. “We are excited to show researchers the new functionality.”

About UVP, LLC

UVP is a global leader in life science imaging, supplying imaging systems for academic, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. With core expertise as the leading developer and manufacturer of ultraviolet products since 1932, UVP continues to provide innovative products and specializes in fluorescence and luminescence-based imaging applications for the life sciences. The organization provides comprehensive service and support to customers and dealers worldwide. UVP's headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Upland, California. European Operations, Ultra-Violet Products Ltd., is headquartered in Cambridge, England.

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