Tripwire Operations Group: Top-tier training for high-stakes missions

GETTYSBURG, Pa., Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tripwire Operations Group, a company founded and run by first responders, is a renowned tactical security and training academy offering essential resources and instruction for public safety and emergency personnel.

With clients all over the country and around the world, Tripwire is at the forefront of the fast-paced and ever-changing security field, delivering critical awareness-level and operational-level courses to help law enforcement and first responders stay informed, prepared, and safe. The experience, knowledge, and dedication of the Tripwire team—combined with the products, services and training they deliver—offers an overall education and skillset that is incomparable.

Located just outside the historic town of Gettysburg, Pa., Tripwire's headquarters complex offers multiple training areas including: shooting and explosive demolition ranges, laboratory for creating explosives, on-site housing, and classrooms. The cutting-edge courses, along with the products and services offered through a collaboration of professionals, is unequaled in the industry.

"We have become a one-stop shop for products and services for the military and law enforcement," said Ryan Morris, founder and CEO of Tripwire. "We work with everyone from Special Forces and other tier-one operators, to SWAT teams, police officers, and bomb squads."

Tripwire is no newcomer to the world of training and education. Since its inception, the company has given more than 23,000 emergency, military and first responder personnel the expertise and abilities they need to deal with any situation.

Operating under the simple belief that the most highly trained professionals create a more secure America, the Tripwire team has created a blueprint for success through effective testing, evaluation, and practical training. The rigorous, realistic scenarios they provide, combined with essential hands-on work, is unparalleled in the industry, and is what has made Tripwire respected throughout the nation and across the globe.

"The courses aren't easy. They're intense and thorough," said Morris. "We put the guys through stresses that simulate real-world problems, and teach vital skills to help keep them safe."

That claim was proven by feedback received from a military unit, who credited the instruction they received at the Gettysburg facility with saving lives while deployed overseas. In addition to local and regional agencies, Tripwire has provided training for the Department of Defense, numerous special operations military units—and federal law enforcement agencies, like the ATF, the FBI, and the Secret Service.

A small sample of the instruction offered by Tripwire includes:

  • Explosives Breaching Certification
  • Homemade Explosives Recognition and Detection
  • Forensic Science
  • K-9 Explosive Detection Training
  • Shooting
  • Tactical Medicine

All of the classes offered by Tripwire can be custom tailored to fit specialized needs, and can be taught at the Gettysburg facility or on other sites.

Tripwire is one of the few ATF-licensed explosive manufacturers, importers, exporters and dealers in the country, able to fulfil orders for a wide range of explosive needs—from detonators and detonating cords, to plastic bonded explosives, dynamite, TNT, and even explosive range materials and equipment.

Additionally, the firm established a special effects division that can provide full-scale pyrotechnic special effect explosions for full-length feature films, short films, music videos, commercials, air-shows, and much more.

Whether you're looking for something small or something spectacular, Tripwire pyrotechnic experts can provide the perfect high-quality display.

'Educate The Brave'
BRAVO-3, a subsidiary of Tripwire, will host the international BRAVO-3 Training Conference & Vendor Show March 4-6, 2019 in Daytona Beach, Fl. This all-inclusive, multi-discipline event provides unsurpassed training opportunities for professionals in all fields.

"This is an exceptional opportunity for attendees to have one-on-one interactions, and learn from some of the best in their fields," Morris said.  "You will not find a more complete collaboration of professionals, whose goal it is to serve their tactical/first responder communities."

In addition to offering valuable training and education, this gathering of elite professionals provides a perfect setting for procedure sharing and professional networking. Attendees are rewarded with one-on-one interactions with some of the most respected operators, technicians, and instructors in the world, and are exposed to cutting-edge information, technology, and TTP's.

BRAVO-3 was founded by, and is comprised of, organizations and personnel that have decades of experience within their respective career fields, including SWAT, K9/MWD, BOMB SQUAD/EOD, FIRE, HAZMAT, TACMED and SOF.

The importance of highly-trained emergency personnel in the coming years is indisputable. The benefit they provide to a community—and the country—is invaluable.

For more information about Tripwire Operations Group, or attending the BRAVO-3 Conference, visit, or call 717-648-2792.

Tripwire Operations Group in Gettysburg, Pa. offers critical and life-saving awareness-level and operational-level courses to help law enforcement and first responders from across the nation and around the world stay informed, prepared, and safe.

Contact: Ryan Morris 717-648-2792
Tripwire Operations Group
1685 Baltimore Pike
Gettysburg, Pa. 17325

Educating the Brave.

We are an ATF licensed provider of explosive products, advanced tactical training, firearms, and K9 services.We are "First Responders dedicated to First Responders". We prepare military, law enforcement, and other first responder personnel to protect our country by providing products, training, services and relationships that together no one else provides.

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