Transitions Optical Announces March Winners Of Trusted Worldwide Program

Published: May 03, 2006

TAMPA, Fla., May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Transitions Optical, Inc. today announced the March winners of the Trusted Worldwide Program, which includes a sweepstakes where consumers can enter to win a trip anywhere in the world. The program's March winners will receive cash prizes in increments of $25, $50 or $100. A complete list of March winners of the Trusted Worldwide Program can be accessed through Transitions Optical's Web site at

The cornerstone of the Trusted Worldwide Program is a new Certificate of Authenticity, which will be distributed with every pair of Transitions(R) Lenses. This certificate demonstrates Transitions' pledge to provide products of the highest quality. Customers can be assured that when choosing authentic Transitions Lenses, they will receive visual quality, visual comfort and convenient, 100% UV blockage.

The Trusted Worldwide program is just one example of the unique benefits of choosing Transitions. Supported by educational materials such as ongoing updates on healthy sight and the strongest network of lens partners and widest range of lens materials, designs and brand names, Trusted Worldwide aims to drive consumers to request Transitions Lenses by name from their eyecare professionals.

How to Participate

For more information about the Transitions Trusted Worldwide program and how to participate in the sweepstakes, please visit and reference the Frequently Asked Questions.

About Transitions Optical, Inc

Transitions Optical is a joint venture of PPG Industries, Inc. and Essilor International. The first to successfully commercialize a plastic photochromic lens in 1990, today the company is a leading supplier of photochromics to optical manufacturers worldwide. Transitions Optical offers the most advanced photochromic technology and the widest selection of lens designs, materials and brand names.

Transitions(R) Lenses are as clear as regular eyeglass lenses until dangerous UV rays are present. Then, the brighter the sun, the darker they get - getting as dark as sunglasses, providing protection in bright, glaring light. Since Transitions Lenses darken only as much as needed, they can be worn comfortably year-round to provide convenience and 100 percent automatic UVA, UVB and glare protection every day - sunny, cloudy or in between.

For more information about the company and Transitions Lenses, visit or contact Transitions Optical Customer Service at (800) 848-1506 (United States) or (877) 254-2590 (Canada).

Transitions Optical, Inc.

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