Topas Advanced Polymers GmbH Receives 2005 Frost & Sullivan Award For Technology Leadership

Published: Mar 14, 2006

FRANKFURT, Germany, March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Topas Advanced Polymers, which produces a family of exceptional polymers with applications in medical device and packaging manufacture, is honoured to announce that it has received the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Leadership for its contribution to the Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging industry.

The Award for Technology Leadership is bestowed each year upon the company that has demonstrated excellence in technology leadership within their industry. "The recipient company has demonstrated technology leadership by excelling in all stages of the technology life cycle and by innovating leading-edge concepts the company has pioneered client applications," Frost & Sullivan said.

Cyclic olefin copolymers (COCs) are crystal clear amorphous materials based on cyclic and linear olefins. Advances in manufacturing technology have allowed this material to become commercially viable only recently

Topas exhibits a unique combination of properties including high transparency, low density, excellent moisture barrier and resistance to aqueous and polar organic media. These qualities, together with the polymers' good mechanical characteristics - which include high rigidity and strength - and their high purity, and high biocompatibility, mean that they represent the material of choice for an increasing number of applications in the medical and diagnostics sectors.

"Topas Advanced Polymers has successfully blended the technological benefits of Topas(R) with effective marketing," Frost & Sullivan commented. "It is at the forefront of changing the prefilled syringe industry as it is today and paving the future for polymers."

The applications of COCs are not limited to prefilled syringe design, but have also overcome the technical challenges of injector pens, auto-injectors and needle-free injectors, among other drug delivery devices. Outside healthcare, the polymers serve markets such as flexible and rigid packaging, optical and diagnostic applications.

About Topas Advanced Polymers: Topas Advanced Polymers, a joint venture between Japanese companies Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd. and Polyplastics Co., Ltd., was established in January 2006 to continue the COC business of Celanese/Ticona. The new company is located in Frankfurt, Germany and Florence, USA and has about 100 people working in R&D, Marketing & Sales, Production and Administration. Topas Advanced Polymers is marketing COCs in Europe and the Americas, while Asia is covered by Polyplastics Co., Ltd.. For more information about Topas Advanced Polymers and its technologies, visit the company's web page at:

Your contact Dr. Wilfried Hatke Topas Advanced Polymers GmbH Industriepark Hochst Building F821 65926 Frankfurt Germany Phone: +49(0)69-305-46-756 E-Mail:

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CONTACT: Your contact: Dr. Wilfried Hatke, Topas Advanced Polymers GmbH,Industriepark Hochst, Building F821, 65926 Frankfurt, Germany, Phone:+49(0)69-305-46-756, E-Mail:

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