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Published: Oct 31, 2007

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With the birth of the world wide web in the early 90’s and the advancement of the search engine-centric manner in which many of us go about our daily lives, it only makes sense that education’s migration towards online education> would follow suit. Years ago, the idea that attending online classes would become a viable and respected option to people seeking to earn college degrees would have been laughed at. But like many rapidly advancing elements in our lives, the inherent value of this option, “convenience” has been identified. The tech-savvy word has embraced the concept, fortified its infrastructure and begun putting serious behind bringing real and valued education online.

For the most part, on-line education centers on bachelors and master’s degree attainment. A minor portion, but no less surprising, is doctoral programs. Yes, serious scholars are achieving PhD. degrees online. In part or in whole. Today.

The overwhelming majority of these distance learners are working adults, many with established families, who need to either finish a degree they started years prior, or start an online graduate or masters program. The reasons behind this may be obvious to some … financial security and career advancement. Both of which are proven harder to achieve with minimum levels of post-secondary education.

However, earning an online degree also seeks to address an even larger issue. An issue many outside observers may overlook as a determining force behind people going back-to-school online: personal achievement.

We all want to succeed and “personal achievers” don’t necessarily put money, stature or power at the top of the list of reasons to do so. These people may well be the best suited to enter into an online education environment as personal development and empowerment push them onward. Their drive is not a fleeting motivation. And it’s a good thing, as these deep rooted principals will surely be tested … by their peers in the virtual classroom and by their professors from their online university. It stands to reason, that the majority of participants in online education; professors, assistants, students share these common traits and because of their motivation seek the most of those around them in the online classroom. Each in turn, pushing each other onward towards success.

The fact that such a culture of learning exists in such a new media is incredibly attractive to those ready and hungry to enter the next phase of their personal achievement. And more and more, they are investigating online colleges and enrolling.

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