To-BBB technologies BV Announces Brain Drug Delivery Pilot Study with Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. for CNS Diseases

Published: May 20, 2010

Leiden, May 20th 2010

to-BBB, the Dutch drug brain delivery company, is entering into a pilot study with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV (Janssen) to enhance delivery of drugs to the brain for Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases.

“We are very proud to join forces with Janssen” says Pieter Gaillard, CSO of to-BBB. “to-BBB’s brain delivery technology combined with Janssen’s rich history in neuroscience discovery and broad range of potential compounds for brain diseases, will hopefully lead to new therapeutic options for patients.”

Drug development for CNS disorders is hampered by the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which prevents the delivery of many drug candidates to their disease target in the brain. to-BBB's proprietary G-Technology® is a safe technology for drug delivery to the brain. It is based on liposomes that are coated with the tripeptide glutathione at the tips of polyethylene glycol (PEG) to safely enhance the delivery of free drug to the brain. Proof of concept with the G-Technology is demonstrated in several disease models, including pain, brain tumors and viral encephalitis.

Janssen Pharmaceutica NV is an international pharmaceutical company under the Johnson & Johnson group. With more than 80 drugs to its name, Janssen is one of the most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world and its products have found major applications in human medicine. The pilot study with to-BBB will allow researchers of Janssen to investigate the capabilities of the G-Technology to enhance delivery of their investigational compounds to the brain.

About to-BBB to-BBB is a Dutch biotechnology company in the field of enhanced drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier. The company is developing novel treatments for brain disorders by combining existing drugs with its proprietary brain drug delivery platform. The company’s vision is that the treatment of currently unserved brain diseases will be best achieved by safely enhancing the blood-to-brain delivery of drugs.

to-BBB is headquartered in The Netherlands at the Leiden Bio Science Park and has established a fully owned subsidiary, to-BBB Taiwan Ltd., in Taipei, Taiwan.

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