Thermi Launches New Injectable RF Electrode For ThermiRF Device

Published: Oct 02, 2017

IRVING, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Discover the art of Thermi® with the new Injectable RF Electrode for the ThermiRF® device. ThermiRF is a system that uses radiofrequency to produce aesthetic outcomes through the application of controlled heat. The system combines temperature control and advanced, real-time, temperature monitoring for applications from head to toe. The new Injectable RF Electrode is a powerful addition to the radiofrequency platform.

Designed and owned by Thermi, the Injectable RF Electrode offers proprietary coding allowing a physician to glide the cannula through tissue in a new and improved way. Customers are excited about the new Injectable RF Electrode;

  • Delivers innovative design, with assembly of the electrode and cannula in a single device.
  • Optimal packaging is easy to open, offers cord control, and stackable trays.
  • The handle was molded to offer easier grip and less fatigue in the fingers, hand, and arm, offering more comfort for the physician.
  • Physicians can select from assorted sizes, both in length and gauge; sizes include 5cm, 10cm, 15cm, and now offering a new 16 gauge, 20cm, allowing it to cover larger areas of the body in a faster amount of time.
  • The Injectable RF Electrode can be used on various body areas; including the face, neck, abdomen, arms, and thighs.

The new Injectable RF Electrode is an exciting new tool for our ThermiRF device and our customers. This electrode is an excellent evolution of our flagship system that allows physicians to optimize Thermi treatments on many areas of the body. In addition, the new design with an extended handle allows customers to have more tangible control of the tool. We are excited to introduce this new addition to the Thermi platform and look forward to making it available promptly,” says Vladimir Paul Blanc, President and General Manager of Thermi.

Thermi is eager for physicians to begin enjoying benefits of the newly designed Injectable RF Electrode, and is already receiving feedback. Dr. Mitchel Goldman states, “The Thermi Injectable RF Electrode is everything we asked for. Easy to use. Robust. Simply perfect.” The new addition to the ThermiRF platform is key as the company continues to expand its product line in global aesthetic markets.

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About Thermi

Thermi®, an Almirall Company, is a leading global manufacturer of temperature controlled radiofrequency technology. The company’s flagship product is ThermiRF®, a platform technology that uses temperature as an endpoint for various minimally and non-invasive applications on areas of the body including face, neck, arms, stomach, and thighs. Thermi also offers ThermiVa®, which uses radiofrequency for vulvovaginal tissue of the vagina, and Thermi250®, the newest innovative RF for body.


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