Thermal Gradient, Inc. Release: Latest Thermal Gradient Production PCR Device Exceeds Expectations

Published: Apr 12, 2012

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Thermal Gradient, Inc., a biotech company, is announcing significant advances in its revolutionary polymerase chain reaction technology. "We've achieved major performance and manufacturability milestones with our flow-through PCR technology that reinforce what we've said about it all along," said Robert Juncosa, Chief Technology Officer of the company. "We have always been able to do PCR as fast as nature will allow and now we have enough amplification and fluorescent detection capability for applications calling for even extreme sensitivity. What's even more important, we can make these in large quantities at modest cost." CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Joel Grover added, "When you can show that eleven or more logs of amplification are going to be routinely possible in less than ten minutes and you can detect PCR product in real time at one nano-molar concentration you've got a technical marvel." Both executives emphasized that the company is ready to produce custom end point PCR devices for customers in molecular diagnostics and molecular biology and will be ready very soon to produce custom real time versions. "What separates us from others with novel devices is that we're not only the fastest, we're also in mass production right now. Thermal Gradient is open for business," explained Mr. Juncosa.

The company, in partnership with researchers at UMass Medical School, is developing a rapid, portable HIV detection and monitoring system for low resource settings under a grant (R44 AI089389) from NIH. The system is intended to provide low cost viral load monitoring for patients on anti-retroviral treatment and infant screening for HIV. At the heart of the system is TG's integrated test cartridge which combines its fast PCR device with the company's proprietary sample preparation technology. "We'll be saying more about that side of development very soon," said Dr. Grover. "Our teams are making great progress. People will be amazed at what this instrument will be able to do."


SOURCE Thermal Gradient, Inc.

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