The Week in Review: Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd. Uses M&A to Add Vascular Drugs

Published: Jun 27, 2011

June 25, 2011 -- Sihuan Pharma paid $120 million to acquire two China drug companies, adding to its portfolio of cardio-cerebral vascular drugs; Shandong Jincheng Pharma completed a $72 million IPO on the ChiNext exchange; BGI and the city of Shenzhen have established a national gene bank; China pharmas will collaborate with their counterparts in England to develop 30 new drugs over the next ten years; Sirnaomics partnered with Guangdong Zhongsheng Pharma to develop its small interfering RNA (siRNA) treatment for ocular neovascularization; China Medical Technologies formed an IVD collaboration with Gaoxin Da An Health; Biomatters signed a DNA sequencing partnership with Genewiz that gives it a foothold in China; Johnson & Johnson Medical (Suzhou) opened a medical device Innovation Center in Suzhou; the SFDA ordered GSK to withdraw an antibiotic from China; and Medivir AB out-licensed China rights for its cold sore treatment, Xerclear® to Daewoong Pharma. More details….

Stock Symbols: (HK: 0460) (SHE: 300233) (SZE: 002317) (NSDQ: CMED) (NYSE: JNJ) (NYSE: GSK) (OMX: MVIR)

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