The Opioid Spoon Project Names Tufts University As First Recipient Of Their Virtual Spoon Drop Campaign Launch

Tufts University receives The Opioid Spoon Project's signature Opioid Spoon, "Virtually," for their on-going financial relationship with the founders of Purdue Pharmaceuticals

BOSTON, March 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Opioid Spoon Project (OSP) founded by artist-activist Domenic Esposito, names Tufts University as the first recipient of their "Virtual Spoon Drop" campaign launch today. Tufts were selected for their continued connection via funds and influence with the owners of Purdue Pharma. Esposito, who garnered national attention by placing his hand sculpted, 800lb opioid spoon at the doorsteps of Purdue Pharma and Rhodes Pharma to protest Purdue's alleged role in creating the opioid epidemic, has expanded his activism efforts via this new online platform. The Virtual Spoon Drop campaign will allow Esposito to target the many "players" who continue to contribute to, and profit from the opioid crisis, and serves as an extension of his on-going "live" spoon drop agenda. The Virtual Spoon drops consists of a Meme depicting Esposito's opioid spoon sculpture and a photo of recipient's logo and/or headquarters, and will be displayed on all OSP social media platforms.

Tufts University has a long history with Purdue's founders, and has continued their relationship in spite of court documents filed in January 2019 from Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healy. The State of Massachusetts filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma, and Purdue's owners, and revealed via the court documents, detailed allegations about Purdue's Oxycontin production and its alleged misleading attempts to deceive the public and medical industry about the drug's highly addictive qualities. The documents further allege Purdue's founders had influence within Tufts University, and their medical programs via funding and the influence they secured through funding that include, Purdue owner board placements, educational programs and policy and the naming of University structures such as the "Sackler Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering," proving a very deep seated relationship.

"It is unacceptable and highly disturbing that Tufts has allowed an entire generation of doctors to be trained by the founders of Purdue within their institution," stated Domenic Esposito. "The next generation should be trained on the merits of medicine, not influence. Sales people belong in car dealerships not our medical schools," Esposito proclaimed.

The Opioid Spoon Project hopes Tufts will cease their relationship with the owner's of the Pharma giant, by rejecting funds and influence, and supports the students and faculty who have created a petition to formally outline their list of demands to the Tufts Administration. The petition demands include; A fair and transparent investigation into all connections between Tufts University and Purdue Pharma; Appropriate steps to defend Tufts' academic integrity, including the removal of Purdue-sponsored curriculum material and Financial support for opioid treatment programs through the School of Medicine and the University at large. "We want the students and faculty of Tufts to know that The Opioid Spoon Project fully supports their efforts in this cause, and hope the Virtual Spoon Drop helps them achieve their goals," stated Esposito.

For all media inquiries, please contact: Cheryl Riley,; 202-403-7971, or visit: To view the petition created by Tufts University students and faculty:

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