The Norovirus Continues to Spread Globally, but Invisible Shield Technology Has a Solution

Published: Feb 19, 2013

Coral Springs, Florida: Monday, February 18th, 2013: Invisible Shield Technologies, who provides unique Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved formulas that both sanitizes and goes on protecting against bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses for several months, has formulated a highly effective product to kill the Norovirus.

As has been reported on the newswires in recent weeks, the Norovirus is spreading rapidly. The virus is not contained to just a few countries and large outbreaks affecting hundreds of thousands of people have been recorded across the globe, with the elderly particularly vulnerable when contracted. Although the Norovirus illness is untreatable, with hydration being the best remedy while this virus takes its course, Invisible Shield Technologies has a way to reduce the spread.

The Chief Technology Officer of Coral Springs based Invisible Shield Technologies explained, “With our formula, many markets from educational facilities, to car rental companies, to care facilities and many more besides benefit from a cleaner bacterial environment that Invisible Shield Technologies goes on protecting. One market that pays close attention to our formula is the cruise lines, where the Norovirus is more commonplace and the effects of an outbreak can be significant.

While perfecting improved formulas specific to that industry, we can now destroy the Norovirus at a 99.9++% kill rate and at a much faster reaction time than they’ve experienced with many other products currently available. With independent lab reports showing such dramatic effectiveness, and with this virus now spreading, our formula when applied to any covered environment such as corporate buildings, hospitals, correction centers, kinder gardens and schools, can make an impact.”

For anybody who has experienced Norovirus symptoms, they would no doubt agree that “prevention is better than cure”. This unique formula can be easily applied, covering every exposed area and dries in minutes. In today’s fast moving world, it’s hard to prevent a virus being caught, but at least with Invisible Shield, if a person is carrying it into your environment, this formula can potentially reduce the spread.


Established in 2008, Invisible Shield Technologies, Inc., delivers biostatic surface protectant application systems into several vertical markets. It’s flagship product is a long-lasting, EPA registered sanitizer and surface protectant used in conjunction with normal cleaning procedures to kill on contact a myriad of bacteria, molds, germs and viruses and then lays down an invisible, odorless, colorless, completely NON TOXIC microscopic protectant “bed of nails” that is 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair that punctures the cell wall of microbes as they land on the treated surface, and kills them instantly.

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