The Emergent Technologies, Inc. Innovation Engine Matches Technologies With Entrepreneurs to Bring Novel Products to Market

Published: Dec 11, 2012

AUSTIN, TX -- December 11, 2012 -- Emergent Technologies, Inc. (Emergent), a leading innovation solutions company, has developed the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program to offer proven, experienced entrepreneurs the opportunity to build companies based on game-changing technologies. The EIR program utilizes Emergent’s assets and innovation engine, drawing on the experience and expertise the company has gained through forming technology partnerships in 16 of its 19 portfolio companies.

Kris Looney, Emergent President, heads up the EIR program. “We have established a proven track record of discovering, developing and partnering to bring to market applications based on early stage technology platforms. We are now applying this model when a particular application provides an opportunity that is well-suited for an accomplished entrepreneur who has the specific business and industry expertise to commercialize the technology through a traditional start-up,” he explained. “Emergent has developed the Entrepreneur in Residence program to best capitalize on these types of opportunities.”

Emergent has the technical assets, resources and infrastructure to support start-ups based on a variety of entrepreneurs’ interests and skill sets. In addition to a large number of early stage technology assets to select from, Emergent can provide an entrepreneur with office and lab space, operational support, technical and business development assistance, and IP counsel to help take a start-up through the early stages of product development and introduction all the way to market penetration.

Thomas A. Harlan, Emergent Founder and CEO, said, “We have a vast research and technology pipeline and a successful track record of building sustainable businesses. Now, entrepreneurs have the ability to access these assets and our proven innovation infrastructure to develop a novel discovery for commercialization and market introduction.”

Entrepreneur in Residence Program Case Study: Titralyte, Houston, Texas

Technologies with Oilfield and Gas Applications

In 2011, Emergent portfolio company Beacon Sciences completed a research project for a major oilfield services company and created an analyte detection system for determining the concentration of a set of specific constituents in oilfield water and water-based fluids. The positive results provided the basis for a product that could detect specific analytes in the field in real-time.

Armed with these results, additional market research and the knowledge of the water/energy industry’s need for immediate detection of problem analytes at a well site, Emergent sought and identified a seasoned oil and gas entrepreneur, Keith Cole, with the experience and desire to develop, fund and lead a start-up from early stage product development to market penetration. A new company, Titralyte, was formed. Initial funding was secured and a technical development agreement was executed with Beacon Sciences. Titralyte is now a market-facing technology development and commercialization partner for Emergent portfolio companies with applications in the oil and gas industry.

“The Emergent EIR program creates unique opportunities for entrepreneurs by giving them access to breakthrough technologies that are primed for market entry,” stated Titralyte CEO Keith Cole, “In addition to game changing technology, Emergent provides access to its diverse team and support infrastructure allowing entrepreneurs to focus on funding and market development in a capital efficient, risk-managed manner.”

For more information on the Entrepreneur in Residence Program and opportunities to access groundbreaking technologies, develop innovative commercialization and partnership strategies, please contact Kris Looney by phone 512-697-8219 or email

About Emergent Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Emergent Technologies, Inc. (Emergent) is a leading innovation solutions company that identifies, manages, develops and partners to turn game-changing scientific discoveries into market driven products. Emergent's diverse business and technical team along with its unique innovation process of transforming scientific breakthroughs into technology platforms with multiple applications, maximizes the value of promising ideas and underutilized intellectual properties without the risk associated with commercial development. Emergent applies its experience and expertise to provide investors, entrepreneurs, communities and industry partners access to innovative solutions to advance initiatives and protect and grow core businesses with novel, differentiating technology. For more information, visit the Emergent website

About Titralyte

Titralyte is an innovative, oilfield technology company based in Houston, Texas. Titralyte’s Water Lens™ is a patented system for real-time chemical analysis of water and other fluids that provides simple and cost-effective diagnosis of oilfield problems at the well site in minutes. Using systems adapted from biotechnology platforms, the Water Lens saves tremendous time in the field by providing lab-quality analyses of water and other fluids through a field unit, without the need for beakers, tubes or solutions. Using this technology, the end user can rapidly screen flowback and produced water for contaminants and quantify their concentrations in minutes, instead of hours, days or weeks. For more information, visit the Titralyte website

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