The Bloc's New Science Foundry Practice Merges Science With Behavorial Psychology To Transform Medical Communications


NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The leading independent health creative agency, The Bloc, announced today the launch of The Bloc Science Foundry, a groundbreaking new medical communications practice area that merges deep scientific expertise with applied behavioral psychology research. The result is medical communications work poised to set a new standard for effectiveness.

"Doctors are inundated with information," said Barbara LePetri, MD, Chief Scientific Officer at The Bloc. "Medical advances continue to accelerate, so the volume of information and the number of channels that carry it, is exploding. It's not surprising that 84% of doctors say that the quantity of data being generated makes it difficult to apply research advances to their clinical practice."

The Bloc Science Foundry was created to respond to this growing issue, built on the belief that communicating well is foundational to educating physicians about treatment advances.

"Well-informed physicians can elevate the level of care for their patients," added Dr. LePetri. "Physicians are constantly making life and death decisions that are entirely dependent on information."

Because information overload can lead to difficulty in making decisions, the Science Foundry develops content that is designed to be easier to process, remember, and retrieve—with the added benefit that it drives decisions. The team's unique method is derived from applied behavioral psychology research that have been proven to improve trust, confidence, and preference for one choice over another. With these principles in practice, the Science Foundry's clients benefit from more effective communications.

"Research on decision-making shows that information needs to be easy to read and process, while also being presented in a way that facilitates evaluations. In other words, rather than just transmitting information, we are considering our audience's receiving frequency, and giving them exactly what they need to make a decision," Dr. LePetri explained.

The scientific muscle of the Science Foundry team is involved in every stage of communications for their clients -- including scientific narratives, lexicon, peer-to-peer decks, disease education, clinical trial recruitment and KOL videos – always ensuring accuracy and consistency, while delivering content that will stand out within the deluge of information.

"We are doing this because we believe we can elevate the field," said Kim Barke, PhD, SVP, Creative Director. "Accuracy and deep expertise are givens in med comms, but does the work grab your attention? Is it memorable?"

As part of The BlocPartners, a larger global network of independent agencies, The Science Foundry offers clients a global reach across 33 markets and the expertise of MDs, PhDs, PharmDs and medical writers. The network is designed to offer value to clients' top and bottom lines by adding operational and executional innovation.

"We are evolving as an agency to further our mission of 'Be Great to Do Good' and improving healthcare through better marketing," says Jennifer Matthews, CEO at The Bloc. "The Science Foundry brings a new set of services to our clients and will set new expectations for what med comms can deliver."

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