Terarecon, Inc. Aquarius iNtuition(TM) Showcased in Cum Laude Award-Winning Exhibits at RSNA 2008

Published: Jan 09, 2009

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - January 08, 2009) - TeraRecon, Inc. (www.terarecon.com), a leader in advanced imaging processing technology and 3D visualization solutions, today announced that two RSNA exhibits featuring Aquarius iNtuition won Cum Laude awards at the recent 94th annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Scientific Assembly at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, November 30-December 5, 2008.

These two prototype "proof of concept" awards provided new and innovative ways for clinicians to expand usability of CT and MR volumetric data sets and to be able to use that flexibility to communicate and share information throughout the radiology informatics environment. Physicians from the University of Maryland and VA Baltimore worked with TeraRecon engineering to develop these award-winning exhibits.

The first award exhibit was entitled "A Truly Clientless AJAX-based 3D Image Viewer for MIRC Based on an IHE-TCE-Compliant 3D Client-Server Solution."{1} This winning exhibit featured the AquariusWEB viewer, which was embedded seamlessly into the RSNA Medical Imaging Resource Center (MIRC) project for managing image-based teaching files for educational and research purposes.

The second award exhibit was entitled "Novel Uses of the Nintendo Wii™ Remote in the Navigation of Multidetector CT Datasets."{2} In this instance, the Wii-mote was used as an alternative to traditional mouse-based input, to manipulate and review volumetric CT data. The flexibility of holding the Wii-mote in the hand removes the structured boundaries of a normal mouse and allows the user to remove the learning curve sometimes needed to manipulate a PC mouse. The Wii-mote approach, which is in effect a "6D mouse," is less costly than other professional devices that are available on the market to achieve a similar effect.

Another exhibit, which showed great promise, utilized a "Multi-Touch" display to navigate volumetric CT and MR datasets. This technology allows users to manipulate data directly with their fingers through a touch screen and promises to remove the learning curve and constraints of a traditional mouse or trackball, icons and pull down menus. In medical imaging, this immediately decreases the complexity of manipulation of the image data and allows clinicians to focus on images and interpretation.

About TeraRecon, Inc. (www.terarecon.com)

TeraRecon, Inc., a leader in advanced image processing and 3D visualization techniques, provides advanced imaging systems for medical and other visualization applications based on its unique and patented image processing technologies. A four-time winner of Frost and Sullivan awards, the company has developed a leading portfolio of products that advance the performance, quality, functionality, and integration of image processing and 3D visualization systems. Founded in 1997, TeraRecon has developed a unique family of powerful processors that are used in its real-time, enterprise-wide image processing solutions and real-time 3D volume rendering hardware engines. TeraRecon is a privately-held company with headquarters in San Mateo, CA, European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, and branch offices in Concord, MA; Tokyo, Japan and Osaka, Japan.

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