Tempus And Mayo Clinic Team Up To Personalize Care For Cancer Patients

CHICAGO, Jan. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Tempus, a technology company focused on helping doctors personalize cancer care, and Mayo Clinic's Center for Individualized Medicine announced today a collaboration to pursue their shared goal of providing customized and tailored treatment to cancer patients.

As part of two innovative research projects, Tempus will provide molecular sequencing and analysis for 1,000 Mayo Clinic patients participating in studies related to (1) immunotherapy in lung cancer, melanoma, bladder cancer, breast cancer, and lymphoma, and (2) endocrine therapy in advanced breast cancer. Although participating in a research study, physicians and their patients will have access to clinically actionable genomic results to guide therapy. Using machine learning and advanced bioinformatics, Tempus will generate data for Mayo Clinic's research teams to facilitate the development of biomarkers predictive of benefit from novel therapeutics.

"The goals of both research projects are to improve patient quality of life by limiting exposure to ineffective agents and decreasing unnecessary toxicity and, most importantly, to improve survival by allowing for more individualized cancer therapy," says Minetta Liu, M.D., Research Chair for the Division of Medical Oncology and Principal Investigator of the immunotherapy-focused research study. "The collaboration with Tempus allows us to generate high-quality, clinical-grade tumor sequencing results that will benefit the research objectives and potentially impact ongoing patient care. This is a valuable opportunity for laboratory investigators, clinicians, and patients alike."

"Technology has made incredible advances over the last two decades, but it has not yet fully permeated the healthcare system," says Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder and CEO of Tempus. "We are excited to bring Tempus' operating system and analytical technology to Mayo for the benefit of physicians and patients in their battle with cancer." 

Tempus has recruited a world-class team of accomplished geneticists, computational biologists, data scientists and software engineers who have developed the software and analytic tools that form the foundation of an operating system to battle cancer.

Mayo Clinic has been designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute and is one of only 45 NCI-designated comprehensive centers in the United States.

"Mayo Clinic's collaborative, team-science approach puts the needs of the patients first, whether we are matching the right medicine to the patient, reaching the correct diagnosis or applying new discoveries to advanced cancers," says Keith Stewart, M.B., Ch.B., Carlson and Nelson Endowed director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine.

About Tempus:
Tempus is a technology company that is building the world's largest library of molecular and clinical data and an operating system to make that data accessible and useful. We enable physicians to deliver personalized cancer care for patients through our interactive analytical and machine learning platform. We provide genomic sequencing services and analyzes molecular and therapeutic data to empower physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions. Our goal is for each patient to benefit from the treatment of others who came before by providing physicians with tools that learn as we gather more data. For more information, visit tempus.com and follow us on Facebook (Tempus Labs) and Twitter (@TempusLabs). For more information on Eric Lefkofsky, visit lefkofsky.com.

About Mayo Clinic:
Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to clinical practice, education and research, providing expert, whole-person care to everyone who needs healing. For more information, visit: http://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic or http://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/.

About Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine:
Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine discovers, translates and applies new findings in genomic research into individualized medicine products and services for patients everywhere. For more information, visit mayoresearch.mayo.edu/center-for-individualized-medicine.  Dr. Stewart is the Vasek and Anna Maria Polak Professor of Cancer Research, Division of Hematology-Oncology at Mayo Clinic.



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